Bought a 29g to upgrade from 10 29 Gallon Tank

  1. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    So heres my plan i got play sand because i couldnt find pool filter sand and aquarium sand wss to expensive and petco only had black . Tomorrow im going to empty the 10g put the snail and catfish in seperate 1 gal bowls because its what i have then put the 29g on the dresser where the 10is now. Rinse and add the sand add the filter midia from the 10 to the filter for the 29 and fill the tank. Do i need to do anything else will the old filter midia cycle the tank? I have prime to add to the water how long do i let it cycle with the old filter media before adding the fish should i add the snail and catfish and then wait a few days before adding the 2 guppies or can i add them all together should i wait a day or two to feed them?
    Also what do u all think about having the tank on the dresser should i secure it to the wall? A full 29g can weigh aroung 350 fully stocked and is 30" long the dresser is 33" long
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  2. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    Me thinks the suitability of your dresser as a tank stand supersedes all other questions. You may end up sans dresser, 29G and fish.:(9

    Do you have a picture of your dresser?
  3. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    Not off hand and im not there to take a picture of it its about 4' tall and 33 x17 or 24" i forget
    The tank will fit im just worried it will be top heavy
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  4. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I'm going to think it won't work. Tank stands are designed to provide support in the most crucial areas: the perimeter and the four corners. The dresser likely won't offer that ability. If I was going to use furniture to carry a tank, I would want it to be a solid piece. A dresser is hollow.
  5. Viriam Karo Well Known Member Member

    I would be more inclined to trust a more old-fashioned piece of furniture, you know the solid ones that you can more or less push down the stairs and instead of ending up with a broken dresser, you end up with a broken house? Or the ones where you would have no qualms sitting on (for a 10 gal) or jumping up and down on (for a 20, maybe 29 gal).

    Tank stands are generally "hollow" too, in that they're not just a solid block of material. But in a different way, where the vertical supports are right where they're supposed to be--are the supports/side walls on the dresser right under where the tank edges would be? They might be, depending on how much bigger the top is than the base.
  6. hopeful fish Well Known Member Member

    Other than the furniture, remember that play sand will need a TON of rinsing. I am talking DAYS of work. It's really dusty, so rinse it thoroughly before bringing it near the tank. A hose and a bucket will work well.

    Also, be sure that the temperatures in the temporary 1 gal bowls don't fluctuate too much. Setting up a new tank could take up to 2 hours depending on how picky you are, so I'd recommend finding a big cooler, putting all the bowls in there, and padding them with towels. It'll also be nice and dark in there, so the fish won't stress as much.

    Also, you can add all the fish at once (if you already have them…) You will probably experience a mini-cycle as the bacteria adjust to a bigger amount of water, but as long as you stuff the old media in the new filter, it should work well enough. Be ready to jump in with a PWC, though.

    Now that you have a bigger tank, you might want to expand the shoal of cories (they like groups of 6+).
  7. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    Really depends on the quality of the dresser. A solid wood dresser would work just fine, but a cheap dresser from Ikea wouldn't.
  8. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    If the dresser is contemporary, especially if it is made from pressed wood, chances are it will not hold the 29 G. The IKEA furniture usually has a sign saying how much weight it will hold. It is never enough to hold a tank. That is why I asked for the picture.
  9. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    Its an older dresser either solid wood or laminant im not sure but not press board the 10g has been on it for s long time i relize the 29 is 3x the size also i think the walls of the dresser at least on the sides would fall more or les under the sides of the tank its pretty solid and i dont think there is anythind else avalable to put it on cant put it on the floor with the kids they would try and pet or hokd the fish and the cat would try and eat them ill get a pic of the dresser tomorrow and some.measurments as for the corys when i get paid again and when i get this all sorted out ill be putting 2 more corys in the QT have to get the 29 set up so i can switch the 5 i have for the 10 then the 5 will be QT for new fish also im probably going to wait untill saturday to set the tank up aparently its more complicates then i thought

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  10. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    To answer your other questions:

    Don't forget to rinse your new tank with vinegar, and then rinse, rinse, rinse with water.

    I would say you can add the fish you already have after you add Prime to your tank.

    Don't forget to acclimate your fish.

    I would not add new fish until your 29G is fully cycled.

    You can buy new fish for QT now, as they need at least 6 weeks to prove that they are OK.

    Good luck. Your kids will love it.
  11. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    They are my nieces but they are already super excited even tho they really wanted glofish not guppies but i find the guppies more atractive with all their colors and paterns

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  12. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    So upgrading to 29G is an act of avuncular indulgence. Lucky nieces:;juggle
  13. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    More or less i "home school" them they are only 3 and 5 no not much schooling going on and the little one loves animals so i try to teach her the right way to care for the ones she has and since the 10was to small for what she had/wanted i upgraded it she also has a guinea pig that lives in a 2 lvl home made cage that is 5x 2 1/2 feet which is far larger then any store bought cage

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  14. Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    As I said lucky nieces!
  15. frogfan Well Known Member Member

    Lol i guess i get told by my friends all the time they want me to be their babysitter because of all the stuff i do with my nieces but they all live in other states and im not moving away from my girls

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