Bottomdweller's 63 Gallon

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My tank is currently at 72f so they should be ok
They look so funny when I feed them. They seem to stand on their heads with their tail up and their head rooting around in the gravel looking for food. They will be incredibly active for a few minutes then just flop across the driftwood or plants. They are awesome funny little guys.
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I have 3 that will skI'm the surface at feeding while one stays at the bottom and waits for the pellets. Those same 3 also will let me pet them. They are some of my favorite fish. I am sure you will enjoy them
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Update: I got 5 amano shrimp today! I also bought a nerite snail but when I got home I found that they'd just given us a shell! So I paid £2 for an empty snail shell! Anyway the shrimp are cool.

The questions
1.They are 2-2.5 cm do you think the dojos will eat them?
2.If I put them in with the fry (who are about 1cm) do you think they would harm the fry?
3. I stupidly forgot to get shrimp pellets. Can I feed them sinking fish food for 2 weeks before I can get shrimp pellets?
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Update: Not much has been happening in this tank recently but I've been very busy with goldfish and goldfish fry.
Yesterday I found a danio fry in this tank!

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