Bottom And Top Dwellers Options

  1. KevInLA

    KevInLA Valued Member Member

    So Im getting a 60 gallon tank 48x15x18 and have a couple different options of fish I want to get. One of them is getting an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey. Should I go this route, Im having issues figuring out what else I can include in the tank with it.

    Aside from the Jack, Im also going to be putting in either 1-2 Tiger Plecos or a single Gold Nugget Pleco.

    Other stocking ideas has me going more towards getting corydoras nd tetras as my top and bottom dwelling options, but I doubt either of those types would bode well in a Jack tank.

    Should I go with an electric blue jack dempsey, what kinds of bottom and top dwelling fish can i choose from? I appreciate any and all options suggested/recommended. Thanks!
  2. ChuthuluFish

    ChuthuluFish Valued Member Member

    you could not ad the jack and do smaller chilids 6-10 in . or goldfish like
    2-3 rancho 6inch. 1fan tail 12in. 1 rubicon 8in

    or 2 pairs of angels and 16 albino coreys

    its all up to you in the end. you could do one jack and asorted plecos. like i said its all up to you:)
  3. OP

    KevInLA Valued Member Member

    having the jack was just one of my options. if i get other cichlids, i would be not getting the jack since id be doing more of a community in that case....which is one im considering, IF i get any responses to this question......