Borneo Sucker Babies? Question

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  1. Mrcharlieo

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    Hey all,
    Not sure if this should be in this section or loaches.
    I've had a Borneo Sucker for a little under 2 months and I think it's had babies pictures of the fish and swimming snot balls attached.
    Does anyone have or know where I can find breeding info? I've looked around and found not much.
    I'm basically trying to find out how long they're pregnant for etc. as I only have 1 so I'm a bit confused on how I could have babies? And if they are her babies or something else that is the same shape?

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  2. Demeter

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    Those honestly look more like leeches or planaria. I see not head or fins. How do they move?
  3. OP

    MrcharlieoNew MemberMember

    Planaria could make sense, I'll keep an eye on them. I've never seen them before but after looking them up they do look quite similar.
  4. OP

    MrcharlieoNew MemberMember

    Oh and as for movement, there hasn't been much since we found them. Not while we're looking anyway.
  5. MamaLlama76

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    could be some kind of snail larva (that haven't gotten a shell yet), especially if you have live plants. Sometimes plants come with little hitch-hikers in the form of snail eggs. Can be a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view. Had it happen to me when I was about 11 years old and they took over everything...seemed like a curse then...if it happened now, I'd probably be happy...rather use snails to control algae than chemical remedies.
  6. coralbandit

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    Leeches ...
    You can make a DIY trap like this

    Just place food in it to bait them .