"Boring" Betta tank. I need inspiration!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Legures, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Legures

    LeguresValued MemberMember

    I have a 10 gallon tank with a female halfmoon betta and a snail right now. The substrate is natural river rock gravel, there's a couple of silk plants, driftwood and some java fern. I would of preferred to get a male but it was a gift so I guess I have to live with it :p
    I plan to get some more live plants over time and create a planted tank.

    I want something more to my tank. Maybe some small fish or some shrimp. I'm not really sure is she is aggressive. When I had it transfer over to my tank, it would try to "attack me" and hit the glass really fast. I didn't really see any flaring. Now she is a lot more calm and hasn't touched the snail once (well in front of me).

    I would get ghost shrimp but I heard of some issues with other members. If I had access to RCS and other types, I would definality get some.
  2. Wendy Lubianetsky

    Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    I have a baby guppy and and two ottos in with my Betta. It gives the tank a little more character. The Betta doesn't seem to mind at all, but then, it depends of the temperment of the Betta you have. You could try it, but be prepared to remove and house or return the additions to her environment. I also have a banana plant in the tank. It adds a lot of charm I think.
  3. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    What kind of snail do you have? If it's a mystery or apple, they tend to be pretty heavy waste polluters. One of those snails and a betta may strain a standard 10 gallon filtration system enough on their own.

  4. OP

    LeguresValued MemberMember

    I have a mystery. I do have two filters and they have gph rating for a 29 gallon so I think I'm good on the filtration system
  5. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    Right on. Why can't you get RCS?

  6. OP

    LeguresValued MemberMember

    I can only get my aquatics from chain LFS like PetSmart and PetCo and they can't even keep Ghost Shrimp properly :-X

    If I had a choice, I would order them online but most places require PayPal. Let's just say me and PayPal do not get along..
  7. uprightandlockedWell Known MemberMember

    I had to house my RCS with my bettas in an emergency situation a couple of years ago - the bettas ate them up in a flash. I wouldn't recommend RCS with betta. I currently have 5 ghost shrimp in my 10G with my male betta and have observed no problems.
  8. Donnerjay

    DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

    you could always add a male betta for excitement...
  9. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    I think individual betta temperament, tank size and hiding places would all have an influence on success.
  10. Heather12404Valued MemberMember

    I also have a 10G betta tank. I have 1 male betta, 1 male mystery snail, 4 male endlers, and about 10 red cherry shrimp. I have the Marineland LED 10G kit and it came with a Penguin filter. I have had no issues at all as far as my cycle is concerned. At one point I had 5 mystery snails in there...it was my grow up tank before I moved them around.
    Ghost shrimp are awesome...but they tried to eat my betta. Everytime he would stop to rest they were all over him like he was dinner. So I ended up giving them back to PetCo. I really enjoy watching my red cherry shrimp. My betta has never eaten any of them....I count them every week when I do my gravel vac.
    When doing anything with any betta it all depends on the individual betta's personality/tolerance level. I have a very mellow betta. Like other have said you can always try it, but have a back up plan if it doesn't work.
    I really enjoy endlers...so colorful and active and so tiny. Just make sure you only get males, otherwise you'll have tons of babies.
    Some people on Aquabid.com will accept other forms of payment besides PayPal. You just have to read the fine print.
  11. ZeeZ

    ZeeZWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds like you need to try to do a Naturally Planted Tank! Your plants will explode!

    Check out Akari's 10 gallon thread in her blog.
  12. jdhef

    jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Why not divide the 10 gallon tank? Then you can add a male betta.
  13. katu06

    katu06Valued MemberMember

    I'll just say it is all trial and error man. I have tried the following things with my bettas:

    Cory Catfish
    Otto Catfish
    Ghost Shrimp
    White Cloud Mountain Minnows
    Pond Snail (he was on a plant and I just let him stay in the tank)

    The only thing that lived was the Pond Snail.

    Corys: Attacked and killed
    Ottos: Attacked and had to hide, eventually died
    White Clouds: Killed and eaten (I actually have video of this)
    Ghost Shrimp: Killed and eaten

    I have no doubt that every betta I've owned would eat the guppys someone above mentioned. I'd say try some shrimp. Go into with the mindset that they might end up being a tasty snack though.
  14. katu06

    katu06Valued MemberMember

    Female may become eggbound if you do this.
  15. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    Sounds like you're bored with the tank because it's not the fish you would've picked out for yourself. I can see your point. HUGE difference between male and female betta.
  16. jdhef

    jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    I'm not sure becoming eggbound would become a problem, but if it were...

    I actually tried an experiment with my divided 10 gallon tank. I got a piece of smoked glass to divide the tank hoping the betta's (both male) wouldn't go crazy flaring at each other. Sadly the glass was not dark enough so I had to put some of that plastic needle point canvas over it...so much for that idea.

    I didn't silicone the glass up the sides, so the two compartments are not 100% water tight, but I figured water tight enough that I needed a filter and heater in each compartment. But using a glass divider and siliconing the glass across the bottom and up both sides would make for essentially two tanks, eliminating any problems with the female becoming eggbound.
  17. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Egg binding isnt a problem you come across often even in divided tanks. She may egg up, but she will either drop them or reabsorb them. Putting a mirror in front of her can make them drop. I have a divided 10gal, 3 ways, no issues.

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