Borax Crystal for Tank Decor

  1. S

    Selfish New Member Member

    My little nephew recently came to visit and brought a home made borax crystal. It's pretty much a rock made from borax, water & food coloring. He insisted to add it as decoration to my aquarium.

    Do you think it'd cause the fish any harm? The crystal is completly cystialized & hardened...
  2. scottishduck

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    I would 100% NOT put that in an aquarium. It will slowly (or not so slowly) dissolve in your tank water. The compounds are soluble. The reason he formed a crystal is because it was a supersaturated suspension that slowly crystallized. Putting it in massive amounts of water (and changing it every week) will only dissolve it.

    That said, borax in small doses has been used successfully in the reef community (or so says my quick internet search), but just dropping it in your tank would give you no control of the amount in the water at any given time.