Book on freshwater aquarium plants?


Is there a good book or two out there that you recommend on how to grow and maintain freshwater aquarium plants? Mine will be a low light aquarium, which I figure will be a section in a book with information also on medium and high light. Just kind of looking for an aquarium gardener's "bible" so to speak. Thanks


Here are a couple good ones I just bought



AquaticBrandon said:
Well if you haven't already, here is a great article about setting up a low tech panted aquarium that one of our members wrote.
One book that they recommend me to buy was Ecology Of The Planted Aquarium (Diana Walstad). So far I've heard some good reviews about this book. You can find it on Amazon
I bought Walstads book and I feel like its required reading for anyone having a planted tank. Great book across the board! The kindle version is around $10 and even if not on a kindle you can get the kindle app for apple, android, and pc.

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