1. tropical fish Initiate Member

    So i was at walmart today anf i got a platy fish since they had a new stock. Though when the guy got water from the tank above for my fish he added 5 swordatail fry, would like to know how to take care of these little guys, platy does not seam, interested in them, small and cute:;batman
  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    What's in your tank now and just how small are the swordtails? Fry are often moved to a grow-out tank to avoid being eaten.

  3. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    congratulations on the fry! I recommend moving the fry into a grow out tank and feeding them very finely crushed flake food until they are old enough to be eaten. Also if your tank is heavily planted you could leave them in there and they will likely survive.
  4. tropical fish Initiate Member

    the fry are around icm big its hard finding them and the platy fish ignores them and swims past thjem to be honest i think hes scared of him platy is the only thing in the tank 10 gal! i have fes them crushed flakes in water since i will have to go to LFS soon and get fry fish food

  5. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    The biggest challenge you may find with feeding fish fry will be alerting them to the introduction of food and ensuring they eat it. If you're having a hard time getting them together, you can always divide your tank during feeding times.
  6. tropical fish Initiate Member

    i am pretty sure they are eating since they are all active and show no sigm of hunger or stress, also there are seven not three, the other revealed themselves today