Bolivian Rams - Will they work with my community?

Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by deebers2001, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. deebers2001

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    I acquired two Bolivian rams from PetSmart yesterday, brought them home and put them in my 10g quarantine tank. I watched them for quite awhile before picking them at the store, and I am about 50% sure that they are a paired female and male. (I've been googling how to sex them all day, lol)

    In my 75g community tank I currently have 8 glass bloodfins, 6 harlequin rasboras, 6 peppered cories and 1 albino BN pleco. It has been set up for 6 months, and has already been through the Nitrogen cycle.

    I know the Bolivians get bigger than the GBR's, but does everyone still think they will work in my tank?

    Also, I've been reading something about a parasite that PS has had problems with that doesn't show up until after the quarantine period. Any clarification on that? We are in NE Ohio if that helps.
  2. Moneypenny1967

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    Sounds like a nice setup.GBRs are good as a pair.I think Bolivians are supposed to work better with 1 male but more that 1 female.I read it somewhere so not sure if its acccurate.The tankmates you listed all seem compatable with the Bolivian.Ive had no success with GBRs.My LFS shop suggested I have my tank at least 80+ degrees for rams but some of my other tankmates do better in colder temps (danios pleco)Hope you can post pics when they are settled in.Cant help with parasite question.
  3. Jennifer26

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    Yup just keep them in pairs they will be fine
  4. Matt B

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    I think they'll work fine in your tank. I would recommend a harem situation for bolivian rams. You should be able to easily do 1 m 2-3 f. That's the ratio I've learned for them.
  5. OP

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    Sounds great! Thanks everyone for the advice. Matt, it's so hard to sex them, so that's why I nabbed the pair that seemed the most different and interested in each other. There were only three in the tank. I would have liked to have gotten more. Would anyone advise putting a pair of each (gbrs and bolivians), or adding two female gbrs? Or would there be too much fighting between the two breeds? Would they possibly breed?
  6. Meeps83

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    They'll be fine in a 1:1 ratio too. I have 3 males and 3 females living together and they do great. Very personable and fun fish! They are awesome!
  7. jetajockey

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    I have kept several of the same species of ram together for breeding purposes but they definitely battled it out any time one was spawning. I have a video of it somewhere. I don't think that the bolivians and GBRs can interbreed so no worry there, even if they could most fish tend to stick with their own kind if possible.