Bolivian Rams: Ramming? Question

Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by VenomGrass, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    My two rams often ram heads. One lowers the head and the other looks like she is kissing his forehead. The one being rammed which I think is the male has a very yellow and colourful belly. Do they hat each other?

  2. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    it could be spawning behavior, it cold be aggression, or the stress from the tank cycling...

  3. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    I take it your not a big fan of cycling with fish. I do regret it myself; but when I first took up the hobby the LFS I used initially swore to me that the stress-zyme would make everything fine for the fish and beats a fishless. Obviously I was told wrong - and haven't returned there since. Again thanks for the advice on this topic.

  4. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I dont think many people are a fan of cycling with fish...but ALLOT of us have done it as it is what we were told to do...I dont fault anyone who didnt have the knowledge prior to doing so (me included) I was just letting you know that that could be playing a factor is most of the fish questions you have.....

    I had 9 weeks of bucket changes in a 75g tank when I joined...I used the product cycle and well im sure you know the rest....the advice given to us from LFS that we should be able to trust, is icky and they are the ones to blame 90% of the time.....dont take it I said ALLOT of us have been there..its what you do after the fact , that we are responsible for ;)
  5. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    Well either way Shawnie I have learnt me lesson the hard way - probably the best way because it wont happen again now. I do understand your advice, and appreciate the way you deliver it (nice and clearly) and as you mentioned, most problems I have experienced are due to this cycling problem. Hopefully I can pass on the advice to help and prevent others from going through the same thing ;)
  6. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    :;nw thats the best thing any one can ask for :)
  7. bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    VenomGrass, they could also be establishing dominance.

    Any serious aggression that I had with my rams involved serious chasing, fin-nipping, and not allowing the other to eat or leave one small area of the tank.
  8. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    Thanks Shawnie.
    And cheers BB I hope its just a mating thing. How did you correct these problems? hope I aint got two males! Still aren't sure on the sex of them. One is colourful with yellow belly while the other isnt too colourful and a little smaller.
  9. bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    How did I correct the aggression? Hehehe. MTS until I had a 55 for them to share. Even with territories, they wouldn't share a 29g, either. Naughty little fishes they are. That's one of the many things I love about them.

    Ramming isn't cause for concern, though. How many days ago did you add the TSS?
  10. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    Day 7 tomorrow! The ammonia readings have only just began to decline too! Unless my colour matching skills have gone out the window! I will know for sure tomorrow and post it here :) - Cheers
  11. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    It's always the least colourful one chasing the more colourful. I thought this was a female chasing a male - I hope I aint got two males lol! I did ask at LFS for male/female. Should I post pics for someone to sex them? Cheers
  12. bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    You already posted the pics for sexing. Can you switch around some of the aquascaping? Confuse them a bit and create some territories? that might reduce some of the aggression.
  13. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    Yeah Good idea I'll do that. Move things around a little. I have new pics I'll post in a poll so people can vote?
  14. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

  15. DRock914Valued MemberMember

    I was also using stress zyme until I was told not to on here. It formed a layer of bubbles on the top of my tank and froze my cycle. My ammonia was at 8 for almost 3 weeks and didn't come down until I stopped using it. After I stopped I was cycled within 2 weeks. When your Rams are ramming each other do they stop right after or do they continue to chase each other? That link doesn't work, do you have another link?
  16. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    Yeah Stress zyme is rubbish! They generally ram (only one which rams the other- the other puts his head down) I think it's a female that does the ramming, after ramming theres a little chase then its over. Thanks
  17. DRock914Valued MemberMember

    Doesn't sound like a big issue. I would get worried if they start chasing each other around the tank a lot but every now and then isn't bad IMO.
  18. VenomGrassValued MemberMember

    I dont understand why what appears to be a female chases the male about and chases his behind a rock. everytime he comes into sight or leaves the rock he is chased back. then at times they swim together and stay still together basically touching?

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