Bolivian Ram wont eat

  1. Diego Member Member

    Hi I got a bolivian ram more than a week ago in my 50 gallon. I havnt been able to get it to eat at all. I have never even seen it take any interest in food at all. Im not sure what hes been eating, since my fish dont let anything hit the substrate. My fish dont bother him except for my rainbow shark a few times and he doesnt bother any of my fish. I dont think die but i dont think thats normal thank he completly ignores all food ( flakes, pellets, freeze dried bloodworms, and crushed pellets).
  2. FishFishEverywhere Initiate Member

    I am having the same issues with my four rams...I've had them a week and a half and they don't seem to be eating anything. I figure they must be eating off the veggies I put in the bottom for my pleco and falling flakes.

  3. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    Is it possible they are just shy and growing accustomed to their new home? I have not personally kept Rams but am about to give it a shot so I'm interested if someone has an explanation for you both!
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Sometimes new fish take a while to get used to the tank and to eat. However, if you're saying the rainbow shark is showing aggression towards him, perhaps that could be the reason and would add to the stress.

    Have you also tried target feeding him or soaking the food in garlic juice as an appetite enhancer?

  5. Charles556 Member Member

    I've never had any problems with getting my German Blue Rams to eat, usually starting the day that I bought them. As long as your tank has a lot of cover in it, be it live/fake plants, rocks, wood, decorations, etc, your BR should eat soon.

    Maybe the Rainbow Shark is stressing him out too much? Does he hide a lot? Can you post a picture of him?

    My Angelfish pair didn't eat much for the first week or so, but as they got more used to me and their new tank, they began eating more and more. Now they voraciously snap at any food that I put in the tank.
  6. Diego Member Member

    Here he/she is. It isnt afraid of me at all, its not shy or anything.

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  7. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Ive heard that frozen bloodworms or live do the trick for picky rams.

  8. Diego Member Member

    In going to petsmart in a bit, i might buy some.

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  9. RandyS8229 Member Member

    When I have a fish that doesn't eat I like to do a frozen cube. A bunch of Lil pieces are everywhere and if they are afraid of the competition they will be able to get food. Try turning the lights off right after you feed them when the crumbs are still floating around
  10. Diego Member Member

    Im about to try that.

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  11. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Let us know how it goes!
  12. Diego Member Member

    Hey sorry for being super late but i just tried frozen bloodworms and it didn't work. I thawed them and put them in the tank, he didnt even pay attention to the worms at all. I spent almost 10 minutes trying to make them ho right to his face, but he didnt care. I even overfed the rest of my fish while trying to feed my ram. The good news is he is still allive so he must be eating something. Maybe diatoms because i have an outbreak all over my tank and plants and ive seen some other fish nibbling on it.

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  13. beau Well Known Member Member

    As his staple diet my Bolivian eats Cory pellets. I've never seen him eat the prepared foods from the surface or water column, whether they're flakes or micro pellets. He does love frozen foods though, so I'm not sure if it will work for your guy, but it could be something to try.
  14. Diego Member Member

    I might just give up since i have almost every type of food besides live foods:(

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  15. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Have you tried Lobster Eggs?

    I had a particularly troublesome Apistogramma who wouldn't eat anything i tried. The Lobster Eggs made him go crazy.
  16. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    How's his color? Is he hiding? You could also soak the food in garlic juice which works as an appetite enhancer. I wouldn't give up just yet. Some fish just need more time. My male pearl gourami didn't eat for at least 2 weeks when I first got him.

    Could you also provide your water parameters - pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?
  17. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    I rarely see mine eat, but she usually waits til everyone else is done and then finds scraps. I usually do flake and bloodworms, but i have also seen her eat snails, and eggs dropped from my danios. Also snail eggs off the walls of the tank. It took her a while before she was comfortable enough to be out and eating while i was around.
  18. Angelo0719 Initiate Member

    Shrimp pellets did the trick for me. They love to eat those. Maybe give it a try.