Bolivian Ram Pair In My 29 Gallon?

  1. DamionCarrillo09 Initiate Member

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if I can keep a pair of Bolivian Rams with my current stocking:
    1 clown pleco
    9 black phantom tetras
    4 albino Cory catfish

    Any responses would be appreciated and I would be happy to hear what anyone thinks of my current stocking plan. Feel free leave any other suggestions. Thanks.
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    The Rams would be fine but I would do 1 male, or 1 male and 2 females. I would up the Corys to 6 or not do the Pleco and do 10 Corys.

  3. DamionCarrillo09 Initiate Member

    I can up the cory school to 6. And I thought rams can be kept in pairs? With 1 male and 2 females if the male and 1 of the females decided to pair up won't they pick on the other female?
  4. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    agreed above

    I would do tho

    1 Dwarf Gourami or 2 Honey Gouramis (male/female)
    2 Bolivian Rams (male/female)
    10 Black Phantom Tetras
    8 corys
    1 clown pleco

  5. ark_fish Member Member

    I'd say the Rams look better and are less aggressive than dwarf gourami but might get territorial when breeding and plus you may have to be prepared to take care of a tone of baby rams if the pair breed. I'd go for:
    2 Bolivians
    1 clown pleco
    9 Phantom tetra
    7 Albino corrie

    Good luck!:)
  6. DamionCarrillo09 Initiate Member

    Oh yeah can't forget about the Ram fry if they decide to breed. I was just going to leave them in the tank and see how it works out. I have a extra 10 gallon tank so I can just put them in there. Or what if I change my idea of having a pair of rams to just having 1 Ram and another type of dwarf cichlid?
  7. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    it wouldn't work out , two different dwarf cichlids even in a 55g is very tricky , they will most likely find eachother and fight.

    you can do 1 male if you would like.

    and I don't see nothing wrong with dwarf gouramis and rams , they can both defend themself if need be.

  8. DamionCarrillo09 Initiate Member

    Okay so 2 different types of dwarf cichlids are out. How aggressive are rams when they are breeding? I did some research and I've heard they are "very aggressive" at times to tank mates and also "more bark than bite" to tank mates. Does anyone have any experience with breeding rams in a community tank?
  9. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    I currently have EBR pair in a 29g with 15 chili rasboras , 6 sterbai corys. No problems at all.

    It's depends on the individual fish but IMO/IME it'll be completely fine , rams when breeding won't go looking for problems , if one of your fish go into their territory they will snap back but more of a warning like get out then anything else.
  10. DamionCarrillo09 Initiate Member

    Okay. Looks like I'll stick with my original plan of:
    1 clown pleco
    6 albino corys
    9 black phantom tetras
    2 Bolivian rams(pair)

    Hopefully everything works out and thank you everyone for the replies! Happy fish keeping!