Bolivian Ram Not Eating, Not Sure What To Do


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I purchased two Bolivian Rams three weeks ago. I have them in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. Turns out one of them had camallanus worms, so we treated the tank with levamisol. The fish that had the camallanus worms is doing really good now. He is eating well and has a lot more energy. The other fish is not doing well. I have tried to get him to eat, but he spits out everything I have given him. I have tried pellets, flakes, bottom feeder disks, dried bloodworms, and frozen bloodworms soaked in garlic. I put in a tank divider just in case he was being bullied and to keep a better eye on him. He just keeps getting thinner and thinner. The next dosage of levamisol is suppose to be next week. I have some Tetra Lifeguard. I am wondering if I should try that. He looks so sad, I am wondering if I should euthanize him, because he is basically starving to death. Not sure which step to take and I don't want to harm the fish that is doing well either.
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