Bolivian Agression

sam mcworthington

I recently bought 2 Bolivian Rams, I had asked the guy at the store to try and pick a male and female however I think it has ended up being 2 males - (not entirely sure yet - one of the fish tube/vent or whatever you call it, is hard to tell and the original female does display some male appearance traits/ however also has some female apperance traits) - they are both in a 42 gallon with a fair amount of plants and large rocks at one corner of the tank mixed with 4 bronze cory's, ~ 10 guppies, 1 platy, shrimp

my problem is that one of the Rams (slightly larger than the other - not by much though) is slightly chasing - not aggressively, but getting up close to the other ram and then almost kissing it on its side, it is strange as sometimes this occurs and sometimes they are fine being within cm's of each other.

so is this fine/ am I better off waiting till I can fully determine the sex of the fish, or potentially trading in for a definite female?


As long as the fish don't begin to display signs of stress (loss of appetite, colour, always hiding etc) I'd say you're fine


Only sex Bolivian Rams by venting, not fins. The females vent will be larger and round, the males will be smaller and pointed (almost sharp).

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