Bluefin killi as platy population control?

Donovan Jones

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Recently came into possession of a trio plus an extra female of blue coral hifin variatus that I couldnt pass up. Right now they're alone in a 29 gallon with some snails, and plants include stray bits of moss and a few vallisneria, soon to add some potted swords. I'm looking for a fry predator so that basically I have to save fry if I want more. Its unheated so temps will be anywhere above 60 and below 75 depending on the season. I want something colorful so I thought about these guys. The other options i thought of are zebra danios, buenos aires or cave tetras, odessa barbs, maybe a paradise gourami, or even some gold topminnows. Any ideas? Was also looking at cockatoo dwarf cichlids, because I heard they can do unheated for a bit, but I think there are better options. Any other ideas welcome!
Ps, I'd rather avoid heaters if possible, I've had too many go kaputz on me over the years, but if need be I can always try one.

Edit...I also have a fundulus diaphanus in my moms tank at the moment that shes been looking to get me to take if that helps with suggestions.

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