Blue Wag/black Platies

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I'm looking for blue wag and mostly black platies for a breeding project. Does anyone have any for sale?

I have a few babies who have a ton of black in them but would be interested in getting a couple more for the project

I might be interested in other things as well so if you have anything interesting outside of that I'd most likely be interested
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Maybe black mollies. They are always at my pet store. Are you actually going to breed them?
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Black mollies would work. You're lucky my pet stores never have them xP

Yes the plan is to breed them.

I only want like one male and 4 females in total for right now
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Lauren4events, do you have any black or blue platys or mollys?
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Here is a list of fish that would work for the potential breeding projects I had in mind (will only end up doing a max of two of these) with my most preferred projects first.

Blue wag x mostly black platties and/or black and blue swordtails

Current Platies with pineapple swordtail male and 2 koi females

Black/dalmatian mollies female and blue guppy male

Though if anyone has other colors they need to rehome I can adjust my plans to help out
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Are you planning to cross the guppies and mollies? If so, I don' think the fry would live long enough to grow up
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Really? I read that it's possible though not all of the offspring would survive. But if all of them would die then nevermind with the guppy.
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Yeah, I really think they would all die. I mean, I'm sure it is possible, but if it were me, I wouldn' attempt it.
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Scientifically speaking it is possible
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Please remember the BST board is not an advice or discussion board, please start a new thread on the appropriate board in the main forum if you wish to continue the side discussion.
Please only respond further here if you have what the Op is looking for.
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Lauren4events, do you have any black or blue platys or mollys?
Thank you for thinking of me! I really appreciate the effort!!! But no, I don’t have black mollies, I only have dalmation mollies. And more than I can count. So please keep me in mind if anyone is interested in them. I have over 60 fry/very young fish. And once they get bigger, I’m in major trouble. I’m already overstocked as it is.

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