Blue tang white spots (not ich?) Question 

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Hi all,

I had a question about some white bumps that I have been seeing on my blue hippo tang, I have researched Saltwater fish diseases and can't seem to come to a definitive conclusion about what it is. Every once in awhile (say for a single day every other week) my tang seems to get white bumps all over her body....and she seems to lose some color as well...but then they go away the next day. I am pretty sure this is not ich because I have treated for ich before in Saltwater and Freshwater so I am somewhat familiar with it and these bumps seem different. My best theory is that I live in a two story house in ohio and we don't have the best insulation so when it gets very cold at night the downstairs door lets a lot of cold air up the stairs to where the tank sits at the top. I keep a very close eye on the water temp and it sits constantly at 78 F with two heaters keeping it there but I have woken up a couple times to see the tank down to (the lowest 72). Could this abrupt change cause enough stress that invokes these bumps or what? The tang is normally very skiddish anyways and has been that way since i got her (5 months) even when you walk up to the tank but none of the other fish are and they have never shown any signs of these bumps.

Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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Ooh, sorry to hear.

It could be Velvet. Velvet presents similar to ICH
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