Blue ram/gold ram babies hatched. Ok to seperate parents?


PLEASE HELP Blue ram/gold ram babies hatched. Is it ok to separate parents?

Is it ok two separate the parents or will this stress the pair out? They just had some babies and I wanted to remove the parents to avoid the babies getting eaten.

I have no idea who is who as far as the mum and dad since my blue ram has a very pink belly but the gold ram spends all its time with the babies.

I took the blue ram out but failed horribly at getting the gold ram.

Please tell me if the seperation is going to stress the parents out too much?

are these guys mates for life? should I put the blue ram back in and risk the babies being eaten??


Both parents tend to their offspring with rams. If your blue ram has a bright pink belly, odds are that's your female. I'm not sure if the lesser risk would be to return the blue ram or not. Maybe someone with more experience at breading rams could offer advice on the best approach.


It will be easier to remove the Rams than to remove the fry. If there's anything in the tank with them they will eat the fry also.
agree the one with the rosy belly is mom.
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Thank you guys. I actually ended up moving both parents out of the tank after all. it was a long frustrating task but I managed to get the gold ram out of the tank.

The babies numbers have gone down significantly. I had a poor count of about 40 the first day they started swimming, and now all I can count is ten. I'm hoping one of them survives, Id love to have a mothers day baby! LOL

I did end up finding something that said the male will do most of the babysitting so that plus your assurance my blue ram is a female I now know the sex of my pair!

Since this was such a sporadic and unexpected little surprise we are in the process of getting everything situated in the case that these little ones don't make it, we will be prepared for a new brood.

Also, Can someone tell me when the babies will start looking like fish?

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