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Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by maia, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. maiaNew MemberMember

    Hello all the friendly people on fishlore!

    I've decided to move my betta, Mr. Velvetine, into his own tank because I want to get some fish that I don't think he's compatible with. (Wow...yes I'm still amazed he convinced me to buy a new tank just for him.)

    I was in the fish shop Friday and they have some german blue rams. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these guys. From what I've read they don't really have good reputations for surviving. But I'm up for a challenge. The blue rams are in a tank in the fish store all together right now. I keep getting mixed information on if they should be kept with buddies or not - since they're shy and you might not see them if they're alone. I might get two (not interested in breeding though - so info on male/male compatibility is helpful).

    Also, my tank's growing some algae. I'm thinking about getting some ottos. I know they like company. But I'd like to start with one and if it survives the first few weeks I'll get some friends. Any advice on ottos (especially on helping keep their bellies full after all the algae's been eaten)?

    Thanks in advance guys! You're always so helpful!
  2. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    The blue rams are extra sensitive to water quality, and are delicate like the otos. Like the otos, it's probably because they are normally wild caught fish where they are not exposed to ammonia and nitrites. They are beautiful and very popular. I have heard that they are compatible with angels and discus. Butterfly and Dino both have experience with these fish.


  3. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    I would not get a single oto for any reason as they do not seem to bond that well with any newcomers later.  The food problem is taken care of easily:  Omega One Veggie Rounds are the greatest but you have to watch because they will take two days usually for eating just one.  I do not remove them after the first night as they do a really good clean-up.  I used to get algae wafers but they just quit eating them when they started getting the Omega One.  When you start getting algae again you may have to quit feeding the Omega One for a day or two or they won't want to go back to it.  It will be too easy just to eat what you give them.  For more information on otos go to:


    A man named Paul Apgar keeps a website there devoted to otos and he has a lot of information on them including their care and disease.  He was the one I got a lot of my information from and I have contacted him personally on occasion.  Also, Gunnie and Butterfly have given me information and Butterfly was the first to start me with the little fellows.  I love them to pieces.  Hope this helps.

  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Maia refresh my memory on the size of your tank please. when I had Blue Rams I noticed the did much better in a trio (one male and two females). The rams and otos will get along just fine, I have had them together and never had a problem at all. They are both very sensitive to water quality and the water changes MUST be kept up, bet it is totally worth it. The beautiful colors the rams display when ready to breed is breath taking. You need at least two or three otos and with three Rams and a couple of dither fish I would recommend at least a twenty gallon long or bigger. HTH
  5. maiaNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the input. I will definitely get 2 or 3 otos. There are 4 dwarf corys and 3 kuhli loaches in there. But I was planning on moving some out into my Betta's tank to make space. I have a little less than a 15 the blue ram idea wouldn't work, right? Doh! I was looking forward to that.
  6. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Sorry, afraid it would get a little crowded. Rams need something as dither fish to swim around on top and let them know all's well with the world.
  7. maiaNew MemberMember

    Just got back from the fish store with two otos! They're definitely very cute. I still get a little scare when I look at the tank and see little white bodies sideways - I keep thinking one of the corys has gone belly up. I took about an hour to aclimatize the otos and they're currently working on the tons of algae I accumulated in the tank just for them. I got some spirulina tablets for when the algae runs out. Is this good, or do they need suplements/more variety food?
  8. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    what you have done if just fune they'll have that algae cleaned up in nothing flat. Just remember to keep up the water changes :)
  9. Cookie MobstaNew MemberMember

    Ottos are one of the best algae eaters I have ever seen!!! I used to have three (now been in the tank for 5 weeks) but one died a few days ago :'(. After they get used to the tank they are quite hardy but keeping them alive at first is a challenge because they are caught from the wild and brought to the fish store.

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