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Discussion in 'Platy' started by insanedreams77, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    I have one lonely blue platy that is male. I was thinking of getting another platy that is a female. I haven't any luck with female blues. I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a different color?

  2. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    I had 2 platties and they bred , they had a really really bright red babie we named nemo! Take my word they are gorgeus and if they breed they fry could have quite a wide variety of colours

  3. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    That would be nice. What kind of platys do you have?

  4. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    They aren't mine they are my uncles he has a beautiful tank that used I have a ton of fish but platties took over as fish died off more platties produced . I'm not sure what kind of platties they are just like regular basic kind I think they were cheap at Petsmart
  5. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    Ah gotcha. Ya with fry's you need another tank for them and a good idea of where to sell or give the away.
  6. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    They were "mine" I had purchased them for myself and gave them to him after a week , they reproduced too much but he doesn't have a seperate tank just his 35 gallon and alot of hiding places . I'm sure some of the fry get eaten but he has about 20 babies just little things 5 medium sized and about 7 adults
  7. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    That is about normal. I have a small tank set up for fry but I am thinking of geting a betta to help contral the fry. But I ain't sure. I just feel bad for the male platy it's lonely.
  8. lp89Valued MemberMember

    If you are interested in fry and want to get more platys, you need to make sure you have more females than males. The best ratio is 3:1 (3 females and 1 male). Having more females will divert the males attention and give the other females time to relax without constantly being chased by the male.

    It is very easy to tell the difference between male and female platy. Here is a picture to help you:
  9. lp89Valued MemberMember

    Also, I can't help but ask, what makes you think your platy is lonely?

    The reason I ask is because I currently keep a single female platy and have never thought of her as lonely or that she needed a friend. About a year ago she lost her female platy tank mate, but it never occurred to me that she might miss her friend...

    She is about 3 years old and spends her days swimming through plants and caves all over the 29g tank. She also hangs out with my cories whenever they're eating algae wafers.
    I kinda figured she thought she was the queen of the tank, but what do you think the signs are of a stressed/sad platy?
  10. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    LOLOL take my betta! He's like so dang picky I have to spend like 3874&4&3&84 money a day to feed the little thing! He's sooo picky he actually turns his nose up at my cooking. Yes I cook for my betta! I have to he won't eat pellets . Kill me . Aha but I would buy 2 females . I was reading another thread and this person had 3 swordtails thought 2 were females turned out 2 were males and the female got over worked try adding 2 females its not nearly as hard on the males as it is the females therefore having 2-3 females could be alot better for them
  11. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    Exactly what I said I was typing for a while I'm on my iPod and when I hit enter I saw your posts!
  12. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    The reason why I say it's lonely is now he just kinda stay by himself. I just don't like the thought of that it could be lonely. And I kinda guessed that with my sword. I have had these fish for awhile now.
  13. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    Have you tried flake food? And sure I will take your male lol. I had one male that would not eat the pellet.

  14. Bettalover99Valued MemberMember

    He won't eat flake or 2 different brands of pellets I mix brine shrimp with peeled pea and cucumber and he loves it
  15. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    That is one picky eater.

  16. fishynoobWell Known MemberMember

    I have 2 bumblebee females and they are adorable I have one tuxedo platy which I am leaning toward her being a platy/sword hybrid as she is huge compared to the others and the males were not as interested in her as they were the other females and I have one beautiful female who I don;t know the technical name but she looks like a blue Dalmatian with bright orange fins.

    At the moment though I fear for her, I think she has fry stuck shes been pregnant for a very long time now (one of my other platys has has fry twice in since she has been pregnant) and she is starting to show signs of stress so its possible there is something about blue females. Her last pregnancy resulted in just the one huge fry being born alive and a few dead ones. Does this sound familiar to you? Mind you my girl must be at least two years old
  17. insanedreams77Valued MemberMember

    That does sound about right. I really think my female blue was with fry but the got stuck. I know that happened with my one sword female cuz I had two fry after she pasted. I think I will try a female bumblebee Platy those looked nice.

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