Blue Pearl Shrimp

  1. Jameseyy

    Jameseyy Valued Member Member

    im thinking of starting up a shrimp tank, and my ordered shrimp would be the Blue Pearl shrimp.

    How big would the minimum tank size be and how many shrimp could I fit in it? I don't want a huge tank, I'm looking for a relatively small, cube tank to keep as many shrimp as I can in it.
  2. KittyFish62

    KittyFish62 Well Known Member Member

    Not sure about that specific type, but 5 gallons should be around enough. You can use a sponge filter or like an aquaclear mini on low flow for filtration.
  3. BuddyD

    BuddyD Valued Member Member

    I had 2 Blue Pearls. They are not blue, they were clear with a very slight bluish tint at times.