Blue Mystery Snail- Swollen 10 Gallon Tank

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Do mystery snails often have trouble getting back into their shell?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

  3. When they’re chunky from stuffing themselves

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  1. JoanbeezNew MemberMember

    Rock lee is always active and moving, but when I woke up to greet every one this morning ROCK LEE had his foot folded in itself (kind of resembling a rose bud or puckered lips) and his siphon which was sticking out looked really thin and is what started to freaked me out. (Before you ask, it issss my first snail so I’ve been obsessively watching it when I get the chance). E5BA683B-C44C-455A-B4A8-20DA2744388E.jpeg He has been living with my 3 molly fish in a ten gallon for two weeks now and had not had a problem until now. I did notice anytime I shined the light on him his antennas come out and even peeked an eye out to see what was going on, but hasn’t otherwise gotten up to do his usual routine run around the tank. Should I be worried? my water parameters are normal and constant even since before I got him and have remained so. I might also add I did put in some more decorative substrate yesterday (a tiny bit to make the blues in the tank pop) but I rinsed it for a very long time even after the water was coming out clear so I strongly don’t believe it’s the problem. HELP! UPDATE: so as I was getting ready to take another picture rock lee got up and started walking around! I guess he’s fine and I really was paranoid! Perhaps he ate too much!
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  2. LittleBlueGuppyWell Known MemberMember

    I have noticed my snails getting a little swollen when its to hot, that could have been it. They also seem to do that when they want to come out of their shell but they are lazy so they are just taking their own sweet time.