Blue Lobster?

Discussion in 'Blue Lobster' started by Marinero, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. MarineroValued MemberMember

    I saw about a 3 inch blue lobster at Petco for $20. They had some fish a little smaller than the lobster in the tan together. They said he'd get about 8 inches. I'd love to put something like that in with about 6 or 7 african cichlids but worried about compatibility :-\ Anybody have something like this?
  2. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    This may help:
  3. MarineroValued MemberMember

    That was very helpful! ;D
  4. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    Marinero, did you end up getting the blue lobster and some fish? I saw a couple of the blue lobsters at Petco and I thought of you.
  5. MarineroValued MemberMember

    No I haven't...I might not end up getting it because I want a pleco and the lobster would surely take him out!
  6. effiefishNew MemberMember

    marinero i had a blue lobster unfortunately they dont do well with oscars...
  7. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    Okay, Marinero, good thinking. What kind of pleco do you want? You know how big they are capable of getting, right? I didn't really research before I got mine. Actually, I didn't research at all, so I want to help spread the word. I don't hate my pleco, of course, it's just given me an excuse to get more tanks, which is always sweet.
  8. MarineroValued MemberMember

    Well I'll be getting a 30g tank soon and will be stocking it with african cichlids which I intend to get while they're still young. I already forget the name of the pleco, but I say them at Petsmart and they have a disc shaped head, very quick, and suppose to only get to 4 or 5 inches...I can't remeber the name. I hate to give up on the blue lobster, but I think if I got him I'd end up with having him and him alone eventualy :D
  9. Janmitch22Valued MemberMember

    Oh, okay, that sounds like those bristlenose plecos. But I'm not certain on that. I've seen cichlids...a lot of different kinds, aren't there? Are you just going to get one kind or are you going to mix them up? Can you mix different kinds? I don't even know. But they are pretty, every single one of them.
  10. MarineroValued MemberMember

    ;D Yeah they're nice. I'm gonna mix em up...some yellows and blues and misc ones. The problem with buying cichlids sometimes is that they don't specifically name what kind you're getting; Often it just says "Assorted African Cichilds." :-[
  11. JaysonNew MemberMember

    I invested in a Chinese pleco, its only about an inch and a half and is suppose to grow to about only three to four inches, if the pet guys info is correct. Plus the fish is suppose to get a conspicuous red strip across its back...very neat. And I also go another bottom feeder..."farlowella" (French name, not sure what it is in English), anyways this fish resembles a twig and has a notched nose, similar to a saw...very passive and shy, even though it has a menacing appearance.

  12. joeValued MemberMember

    o man do i want a cichlids tank. for christmas i asked for a 55 gal. all for cichlids. and i no wat u mean by them only saying assorted african cichlids. I want ot no wat kind they r danget. :D
  13. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Yes I agree it helps to know what they are as thats how you know how big they get and how to take care of them
  14. Maida_gcValued MemberMember

    Does anyone have a community with one in it? I'm looking to add one of those perhaps with Corys on the bottom as well and several other TBD fish occupying the middle. Im pretty sure Ive seen successful stories with 1 crayfish, but perhaps its a bad idea.
  15. rob2ukValued MemberMember

    I had one of those. he just upped and died one night without warning.

    They're called... wait for it... Twig Catfish!

    Be careful if you ever have to net him, their skin is very slightly bristly and it'll catch on the net
  16. skippiValued MemberMember

    We have a blue "lobster" in our tank with platy, bleeding heart tetras, betta male, and a pleco. The lobster actually a crawfish like to hide in the shells and you rarely see him. The other fish just swim around and are all still with me.
  17. youngest-fish-nerdValued MemberMember

    i think the pleco your thinking of might be a bonero sucker or something like that,
    ive also seen them sold as disc plecos.
    just sounded familiar
  18. gmann21193Valued MemberMember

    Crayfish can live peacefully among fish as long as they are fast. I bought 4 minnows to add life to the tank and to keep my cray busy ( believe me...he trys to get them). The minnows are too fast for him. The best he can do is just chase them out of his little den he dug himself. Although he did get was sorta handed to him. One of the minnows got stuck underneath the rock and the crayfish saw this as his chance and brutally attacked it and it was done. It was kinda sad becuase there were 3 orange minnows and 1 grey one and all the orange ones schooled and the grey one was kinda a loner fish and he was the one that got stuck under the rock. Minnow suicide? lol :eek:
  19. sirdarksolFishlore LegendMember

    For the first couple of days, this was my otos' method of surviving the attention of Miyamoto, my koi. They were just small enough to attract his attention, and anytime they swam across the tank, he'd chase them. Otos are a whole bunch quicker than a koi, however, so they survived. Eventually, they just learned to stick to the wall while Miyamoto was nearby. He doesn't attack them if they're stuck to the side of the tank.
  20. JasmynJadeValued MemberMember

    Can you put a beta in with your freshwater fish????? I have one, and he looks SO lonely. We put a mirror up to
    the fish bowl...and he is NOT aggresive...don't know why...he seems to be healthy, tho.
    I'm also loving the idea of getting a blue lobster, they are SO neat. Do they need LESS water than regular
    aquarium fish...or will they stay right in the bottom of a regular tank? Also, this will only be a 10gal (extra tank)...what else can we put in with him? Can you get an albono frog?