Blue Green Slime Cure!!!

Discussion in 'Algae' started by hop2jr, Mar 24, 2010.

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    First off let me say I HATE CHEMS!!!!...All my tanks are Fully planted with no fake anything, rocks are real, shells are real, drift wood is real.
    I Fought Blue Green Slim Algea for 7 months with water changes, 5 day blackouts 4 time to no avale. I finally broke down and bought Sea Chems Blue/Green Algea Killer its $15 bucks U.S. Small bottle of pink powder that does up to 150gals....... I was fed-up going to sell the tank and gave the pink stuff a try 2 days later all the algea was gone! Even off the plants, no cleaning anything off ...GONE! Didn't hurt any of my plants in fact they grew bigger and no affect on the bac. cycle at all. Its been 8 months and know sign of it coming back. Also I only dosed the tank once! Still have half the powder left. I recomend this product to anyone with BGS and Talked to other people who had BGS and tryed it..... works every time in 2 days. Sea Chem BGS Killer.... Hate Chems but great stuff. Just wanted to share this with everyone on the forum.
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    Thanks hop! B/G Algae is a pain to get rid of.
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    Ohhhh ya...Guys follow the directions. Take water from the tank in a glass. Put in the amount of powder needed in the glass.(comes with a little tiny measuring scoop) mix it till the powder is desolved. Then pour it in the tank. Thats it done!