Blue Dwarf Crayfish

Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by Izk.dayic.850, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Izk.dayic.850New MemberMember

    I recently jumped into the DWARF crayfish adventure, pick up what was told BLUE but what I have received (total of 6, from 2 different sellers) . All of them have a hint of blue but not like pictures that I brought from.
  2. Izk.dayic.850New MemberMember

    3 I bought are still .5', so don't expect a see color yet, but the 3 there I got are 1' and look closely to Cajun line.
    I did add my sapphire blue Shrimp to attempt to stimulate the blue color.

    Is there a treatment I can do to my tank, or parameters change to get better color?

  3. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    The average blue dwarf crayfish isn't really aren't going to see blue like the larger electric blue crayfish.

    I bred the Cambarellus diminutus years ago. The ones I started with were mostly grayish brown. I did selective linebreeding for a while until I created a stunning electric blue dwarfs!! But that turned out to be a terrible decision because it weakened the line and eventually they couldn't breed anymore and many of them died young. They aren't supposed to be that blue. And I weakened them by trying to make them that way.

    So ya. don't expect them to be super blue.
  4. superbutterfly12Well Known MemberMember

    Mine are more of a sky blue. Blue mottled with brown atm because the oh in their tank is higher than it's supposed to me
  5. saddleupjepValued MemberMember

    Old post but I was told by my seller that my pH needed to be kept under 6.7 or they would molt brown. They molted in the mail, actually, so they arrived brown, but after several months at 6.5 one of them regained a bluish tinge.
  6. MamaVicNew MemberMember

    I know this is an old post, but I have a brood of crayfish and they have a rather surprising range of colors, from a mottled brown with a tinge of blue to blue on top and pinkish brown on the bottom, to a mottled relatively bright blue.
  7. saddleupjepValued MemberMember

    Mine eventually blued up some on the top, then his legs after a year, but it was a dull dark mottled blue. Can I ask what pH you keep yours at?
  8. MamaVicNew MemberMember

    Tested today and my pH is about 7.5. KH is about 80. Chlorine is undetectable. GH is about 150. Nitrite is undetectable. Nitrate is a bit under 20.
  9. H FarnsworthValued MemberMember

    not sure if its relevant but i keep blue shrimp (neocaridina) with the pH at around 8 and of all the colors blue comes out the strongest

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