Blue Dream/velvet Shrimp

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by thepoweranga, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Looking for some advice! (hope this is in the right place couldn't find anything shrimp specific)

    I am looking at buying some blue dreams within the next month. Now you (and a few others) say not to use the fluval plant and shrimp stratum for cherries/blue dreams.

    The LFS that I'm getting my shrimp on are using in all their shrimp tanks and they seem to be having a fair bit of success (I saw lots of shrimplets in all of their tanks especially the crystals tanks) and they ended up selling me some of it.

    I'm about 2 weeks into my cycle. Should I get rid of the substrate or keep it because the shrimp I'm getting are accustomed to the lower PH?

    Any feedback would be great, cheers!

  2. kluggyValued MemberMember

    I use fluval stratum in all of my shrimp tank including cherry shrimp, most people say it isn't needed for cherry shrimp although it doesn't hurt to have it, I get better success with it then without. I say leave it in :)

  3. leftswerveWell Known MemberMember

    Any reason they say not to? The only thing I can see are it has to be thoroughly cleaned and the effect on PH, both of which can be pure headaches for the inexperienced aquarist.

  4. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Apparently the lower pH is not ideal for for blue dreams/cherries and as far as rinsing goes I was told not to by my LFS and all the dust has settled so it's been fine so far. I'm cycling the tank with corys and they don't kick up any dust :)

    I suppose I'll see how it'll go once I plant it (next week) I've heard planting in it can be a headache
  5. Summer22Valued MemberMember

    On a side note- (you said your on week 2 cycling?) make sure your tank is completely done cycling before adding them. Shrimp are sensitive to even slightly off water parameters.
  6. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Yeah the shrimp I'm getting aren't going be available for another 2-3 weeks so should be well and truly cycled by then :)
  7. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    I use fluval stratum in all my shrimp tanks as well .yes the ph will plummet to 6.0 an will take a bit of work to get it back to 6.6-6.8 which is ideal for blue dreams an cherries. But you can get your ph stable an have great breading success. The doen side to stratum is the light fluffyness of the substrate. It dosent take much to stir it all up . I mixed a little black crushed rock substrate with mine only to help with planting. All in all leave it in .. i have blue dreams ..cherries an pumpkin shrimp all do well with the fluval .. i dont mix shrimp in shrimp tanks tho .due to cross breeding.



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  8. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    Love that setup. I use seachem flourite sand in one of my tanks that has blue dreams... But Crystals and Cherries are not as far apart on needs as many people think... A lot of overlap.
  9. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Wow amazing tanks hoping to end up with something like this!

    Thanks for the feedback
  10. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    You say it takes a lot of work to get the ph back up a to ideal levels how do you achieve this? Do you just grab what ever pH up or is there a specific way you do it?

    And with water changes how do you go about that? I mean if the substrate is going to change the water you're putting in surely that would cause fluctuations is there a certain way to do it to avoid it?
  11. #H20NerdValued MemberMember

    No let it flux an about 3 weeks in begin using a ph regulator or as i did first i used tetra easy balance. An then i bought api proper 7.0 . 2 weeks of that an stability was no issue now i just dose during water changes an no prob ..using ph up or down .is a temporary solution. An your tank will rebound the very next day
  12. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Ah ok that sounds easy enough. Thanks for all the advice first time using a substrate that buffers so I'm a bit of a noob haha
  13. leftswerveWell Known MemberMember

    I would recommend staying clear of anything to do with changing pH. Trouble danger very advanced.
  14. thepowerangaNew MemberMember

    Yeah have been thinking about it most of the day and I'm just going to let things happen. Unless I run into some issue that requires me to intervene.

    Hoping I can get a colony started and don't want to be messing with parameters constantly.

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