Blue Diamond Tetra, Alestopetersius smykalai

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    I just got a spawn from a trio of this species last night/this morning, probably due to the storm front that went through. It is an uncommon African Tetra that gets about 3 inches, males have long dorsal and analfins. Not considered an easy fish to breed, but I was familiar with the necessary techniques. After all, the significance of this spawn is that the trio was born in my tank June of last year. So I have now produced a second generation (assuming the eggs hatch). Last year I raised a number of fry, sold most of them at the Ohio Cichlid Association's Extravaganza. I had 4 young left, and one old female. They kind of got ignored, and I think the darned Angels took out the runt. However, I recently decided to take a shot with the kiddies, so I set up a tank and caught them out. Only put the three youngsters in the breeding tank, and the male had exceptionally long fins for his size. Three days later we get a big low passing through and viola! Eggs.

    I need to get a photo of these fish, have a picture of one of their daddies but it's not great.
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    Congrats on the spawn! We would definitely like to see pictures.

    Barometric pressure changes from storms are one of the spawning triggers alot of breeders use. When I used to breed angelfish I used that technique quite often. That along with large water changes a degree cooler works as well.

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    Here's a photo of the father from last year. The little male has even more finnage, especially on the anal.
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