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We’re at a loss. Can’t understand why we’ve had 2 of our blue Damsels die now. Our tank has completed cycling (a little over two weeks now) and we have the following in our tank: Arrow Crab, Emerald Crab x 2, Starfish (tiny), Nerite Snail, Male Melanurus Wrasse (acclimated and added to the tank yesterday (05/19), Clarki “Clarks” Clownfish (acclimated and added to the tank today 05/20).

All of the other fish and inverts seem to be doing fine. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our two Damsels (one of which died tonight) and the other two Damsels (we started with 5 of them) were taken back to the FS after they became more aggressive towards the one that died tonight (we had named him “Whiskey” because he looked like he’d been in a bar fight with a messed up top dorsal). They had been quarantined in our 20 gallon tank, until we could figure out why they had become so aggressive towards one another. Whiskey had kept to himself so he stayed in the 65 gallon tank with all of the other tankmates detailed above. If you’ve done your math at this point (4 Damsels accounted for) the two that were put into the QT, we can only suspect that one of them had killed the 5th Damsel.

Tank Specs: 65 gallon SW; 1.023 salinity; 82 degree water temp; 0ppm Nitrate; 0ppm Nitrite; 0ppm Phosphate.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

p.s. Full disclosure, we were informed that introducing the blue Damsels early on would be fine. We weren’t under the impression we were doing anything wrong in having them in the tank while it underwent the cycling process. We in no way want to see any of our fish suffer, as we’ve stressed being patient, educating ourselves on compatibility/livelihood of tank-mates, maintaining the ideal parameters of the tank to ensure the overall health and happiness of each new addition to our aquarium. We have learned our lesson in using fish to cycle and can assure you we will never consider it an option again, now as more educated aquarists. We’ve shared this error to further provide information for hopes on insight into the cause of our loss of both damsels.

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