Blue Cray babies everywhere

Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by KevAndKay, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. KevAndKayNew MemberMember

    My lady blue just had her eggs hatch, and the little ones are everywhere. They just started coming off last night. I have her separated in a 10g until they're all off of her, then moving her to the 55g. Feeding the babies shrimp pellets, the water has a calcium block with food in it, they're molting already and are very energetic...

    But it's day 1. Any advice for the next few weeks, and how long until I can give them away/maybe sell some? There are probably 100+, so even if 10% live, that's a ton I don't have room for.

  2. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to fishlore.

    Congrats on the babies. I would think 2-4 weeks would be plenty until you can start shipping them or giving them to others.

    When you say shrimp pellets, are they pellets made out of shrimp, like to feed to carnivores? Or are they pellets designed for shrimp to eat, such as Hikari Shrimp Cuisine?

    If they are made out of shrimp than that is not the best food, too protein rich. That food is made for carnivorous fish. I would think some food made for shrimp would be great, or some crushed up algae wafers maybe. Those have some protein but not as much. Too much protein for inverts and they grow faster then their shells can keep up.
  3. KevAndKayNew MemberMember

    Ahhh, no, they're shrimp pellets made for carnivorous fish, like the small rectangle brown pellets. I dropped 2 in there earlier when I saw them swimming around, I decided on it because it sinks and it also dissolves to microscopic levels, enough to where they could eat it. I dropped a few (3-4) freeze dried brine shrimp, but they take forever to fall into the water. I'll definitely try the algae wafers, absolutely. The mama LOVES the pellets, she makes a bee line for it whenever I drop one it, but I'll definitely change their diet so they molt right and all that. I also crushed up some flakes because they travel through the aquarium good too for them to get to.

    It's been years since I've had an aquarium, 15 or so, and after having a 10g for a few months, I wanted bigger. Just happened to see the cray at the LFS and it blew my mind how beautiful it was. We picked up a 55g and ran it empty for a month and then saw she had eggs, so we moved everything out from the 10 to the 55 finally, so she'd be alone. I know 10 is too small for 1, another reason we went 55g because I want 2, maybe 3 of these running around. Plenty of room, and hoping two siblings can live with the mama, even though they say they're extremely territorial.

    Honestly, any advice concerning crayfish I need, I have zero experience with them.

    I have 2 bettas in the 55, and they literally love each other, they run around the tank together, I kid you not, and don't even bother the Angelfish... So I know individual temperament is a part of it too.
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  4. lobstahlightsValued MemberMember

    I don't really have any advice but I wanted to come in and congratulate you on the babies and tell you how cool that is!
  5. KevAndKayNew MemberMember

    Thanks so much!!! It's amazing, those little suckers sure are energetic too! They're like baby ghost shrimp in a lot of ways. Haven't seen many the last day or two, not sure what's going on, if they're hiding out or what, but not seeing them like I was, but there's also no dead bodies floating around, and it's just them in a 10 gallon that's relatively clean, minus their rock cave. Hoping they're just growing where it's hard to see them, trying to not bother them much and stress them either. I've seen a few this morning though, I'll definitely be leaving updates.

    Thanks again, dude!
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