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    Hello everyone, I just need some advice. Pretty sure I have a bacterial bloom on my hands. It started sometime in March, when my first betta passed. I took him out the day he died and the tank slowly became cloudy, I had a snail in there, a nerite. It cleared up a little and during that time I added a new betta and another nerite. I had this system with my first betta and it worked wonderfully. I don't know what the issue is now. I did water changes for a while like...everyday but then realized that was bad. I have not done a water change in about a week and a half. 20gal long, two nerite snails and a betta, lots of small java ferns, I dose liquid CO2 everyday and ferts once a week, both API brands (CO2 Booster and LeafZone). Also have been seeding a new, bigger sponge for my filter for about a month. Parameters were last checked today:
    Ammonia-0ish (hard to tell)
    Should I keep waiting or do a partial water change on Sunday (my usual water change day)?
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    With just 2 snails and a betta i would back off to every other week water changes and try stoppih the leaf zone. Some times less is more. Less chemicals more time. Honestly with the light stocking and the floating plants i do monthly water changes just to keep the dissolved solids down.
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    I was thinking maybe it was the fertilizer or CO2 booster causing it. So far I've only topped off the water and tried to reduce the flow on my HOB to like suffocate the bacteria. I heard it lives off of oxygen.
    So stop only the fertilizer? The CO2 is fine?
    I will be doing a water change Sunday then, mainly just to vacuum the gravel and scrub down decor. I'll take a pic of the tank tomorrow when the lights are on.
    Thank you!
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    When I had a bloom I was doing a water change almost every day, and replacing it with treated tap water. It cleared up within a week or so for me. I also removed a good 50% of the substrate/gravel as all the waste was just building up in it. I think I had introduced some carbon (to the filter) to help suck up all the grossness too. I don't have a live planted tank so that may have been a factor.

    Also, remember to rinse your filter sponge in a bucket with some water from the tank - don't do this the same day you change the water, do it a few days before or after so there isn't a huge change to the water quality and your fish don't get stressed from the big change. I do it weekly a few days after a water change and ick! The water goes brown!

    I had a thread on it here, the responses may help you too:

    15 Gallon Tank - Feedback On Tank

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    Yeah I rinse my filter sponge once a month and replace the cuttlebone and Indian almond leaf at the same time. My usual water changes are around half and I did that for about a week as well, it cleared up some but just came back the next day.
    When I first upgraded to this 20gal with my first betta on Sep. 28th, 2017 this happened, I think it lasted a few weeks but I can't quite remember, I also didn't have live plants back then.
    Thank you for the help! If it doesn't clear up soon I may use my spare 3gal, put the snails, fish, plants, and filter in there and drain the big tank and let it dry out for a few days or something then fill it back up again. Just an idea though, no idea if that would actually work.
    I will be reading that link later on today in my spare time, thank you again!
    Here is what it looks like. I know it doesn't look that cloudy but usually I can see the wall behind the tank. Pardon the bareness, trying to give the java fern as good of a chance to grow as I can. 1524148742447.jpg1524148802480.jpg
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    Nice set up!

    Regarding the cloud, mine looked a bit like this but you'll probably hear of a few different ways to fix it. :)
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    Thank you!
    Not gonna lie, it looks like it's cleared up some...I noticed it yesterday but I'm scared to jinx myself lol. I'm going to try and hold out for a little longer and I'm hoping that by Sunday it will be mostly cleared...I don't know though, could just be my imagination.
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    So good news, looks like it cleared up pretty much all the way. I also added in another piece of decor to try and help land some of the last floating bits. I'll do a water change tomorrow, I really want this to settle out before I mess with it anymore.
    Hopefully the new decor is sanded down enough, I was tired when I made it and just quickly felt over it before I put it in.

    I hate how when I posted about this it started clearing up! I mean I love that it's clear now but UGH.

    Nitrate: 10ish
    Nitrite: 0
    Ammonia: 0-.25 I think

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