1. Mjcool Initiate Member

    Didn't exactly know how to go about this since this is my first time posting on any kind of forum. Any who... I have a well established 29 g freshwater with about 10 guppies, constant fry, RCS. They have been through everything from upgrading to my now 29g, adding substrates, aquascaping, panting the tank. All of that at different times and mind you this is my first more serious tank. That said I'll get to my question lol sorry, I bought a tire track a eel and everything was good. Till adding the blood worms l "frozen" and yes I thaw them, and now I'm losing at least a guppy or two a day, is there a disease that can come with frozen food is what I'm asking I guess, sorry to any who had to read all of that for me to get to the point. Thx=)
  2. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    I suppose there could be but I would be really surprised if that were the case..Is it possible they are not used to eating them , leaving more food to decompose and spike your ammonia? What are the water parameters?

  3. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Are you using the tank water to thaw the bloodworms?
    Are there any abnormal behaviour from the guppies before dying?
    How long has the tank been set up?
    Have you been doing water changes?
  4. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    Also , a tire track eel can grow to about 2 and a half feet. So your tank is about 10 x too small.

  5. Mjcool Initiate Member

    3yo daughter thought my kit was evil as 2 days ago, will be getting another this evening, as far as left overs, I thawed half a cube and it was all eaten, is there a chance they are choking
  6. Mjcool Initiate Member

    Lol yes I found that out, but luckily my neighbor is a good guy and will take him in a week
  7. Mjcool Initiate Member

    Yes, I use tank water to thaw, the tank has been set up for about 4 months maybe a tad more, and yes lol as much as my wife hates how attentive I am to the tank I do my duties, and as far as behavior, nothin, perfect then belly up

  8. Mjcool Initiate Member

    I don't know if it's me and constantly staring at them but I swear the ones that go next start to lose color, and out of the 6 dead ones there was only one male