Bloodfin Tetra Identification?

  1. C Willma Initiate Member

    Hello. I started my 75 gallon freshwater aquarium a year ago. My question is related to a particular type of fish. When I first started to add fish, I bought two bloodfin tetras, at least that's what PetCo told me. After doing some research a couple of months ago, I realized they are a schooling fish, and since I only had two, I purchased 6 more online. Well, the new ones don't look like the original two. I have posted two pics, one with all red fins (one of the originals) and one pic of the newly purchased. Anybody know the difference and why some have all red fins and others just a red tail? I'm thinking I have two different types of fish here. Also, the 6 new ones do not school with the original two.

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  2. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    The fish on the left is Prionobrama filigera, the Glass Bloodfin. The other is Aphyocharax anisitsi, the common Bloodfin. In the wild, the two species are known to co-exist in large shoals, so I am a bit surprised that yours don't.

  3. C Willma Initiate Member

    Well, thanks so much, Chromedome52! I am surprised also that they don't school together since they are closely-related species. The two common Bloodfins always are hanging together away from the others. I think I will get some more common Bloodfins, maybe they will school with at least the two that I have. Wish there was some sort of online reference to help identify the different species. Thanks again!
  4. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    There is, but you have to have almost enough information to identify them before it gives you any help! Fishbase has a lot of ways to search, but you have to have a semi-close ID before it does any good. Mostly I use it to verify my thoughts on ID. I still have a number of books, and it is actually easier to look through photos than to find the fish online. Of course, the books are sometimes out of date, but an out of date scientific name will still lead you to the current name on Fishbase.

  5. C Willma Initiate Member

    Thanks for the great info., Chromedome52!