20 Gallon Tank Bloodfin tetra aggression


Hi, I have a 20g tank and was hoping I could pick your brains on two questions related to my bloodfin tetra.

1) One of the tetra has a very irregular body (I’ve included a picture). I’ve had this fish for a few months and it seems healthy so far but I’m wondering if there is a reason for it’s odd shape.

2) This fish has also been showing a lot of aggression since Friday. On Friday I introduced 4 dwarf rainbow dish into the tank and the bloodfin has seen since chasing them and poking at them (the rainbow fish are 1/4 of the bloodfins size). The bloodfin has also been nipping at the honey gourami over the passed few days. Neither the honey Or bloodfin seem to react but it’s hard to watch. The honey has been in the tank longer than the bloodfin and it’s the first time I’m seeing this aggression. I have a total of 7 bloodfin tetras in the tank.

I don’t see any bites or fins missing but I am worried about the aggression. I’d like advice on my options here. Is there something I can do to the tank to calm this aggressive fish down or should I bring it to the LFS?

Thank you

Here are the pictures



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