Blood Red Parrot/convict Cichlid Hybrid

HI everyone! I just want to put out some feelers to see if anyone knows or has experience with this hybrid my brother gave me.
Basically, my brothers convict cichlid and blood red parrot cichlid had babies. He put the babies into a nursery and one ate all its mates. The mom and dad fish had another bunch of babies so my brother needed the nursery empty for the new babies. I took the lone surviver from the first batch of babies and it is thriving in my 75 gal small schooling fish tank.

I am interested in how this little guy is going to grow up and how its temperament will be. Currently, the little guy (LG) is about half an inch. It is mostly colorless except a dark stripe/patch across the middle. LG doesn't mind my bigger tetras and they don't bother him.

Has anyone ever had a hybrid like this before? Any information would be really helpful. I am also willing to upload pictures of LG and the parents, if someone is willing to help me. I tired and my pics are too big even after I condensed it. Thanks!



They aren't actually all that uncommon. Some people actually try to use the pink convicts and breed them with the red parrot to get those jellybean parrots you see (minus the dye, but not all of them are dyed); not all jellybeans are a hybrid of that, but it's where most believed the original jellybean came from. They tend to stay on the smaller side

Hope this helps and best of luck!
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Thanks! I did a little research into the jellybean parrot fish and found a little bit info on them.

My brother just called me and his convict and parrot fish just hatched a huge amount of babies again! I told him he needs to separate the parents from each other but the female continues to lay eggs. Is there anything to do for this or is it just part of owning this type of fish?


nope! When it comes to convicts, they breed like rabbits.
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Hahaha good to know. I'll pass on the good news to my bro!

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