Blood Parrots Moving

  1. eds48 Member Member

    Okay once I get the stand the transition will begin. My plan is to move all gravel and decorations from the current tank to the new tank along with the filter, air pump and air stone, and heater. This will be okay right to add the parrots right after everything is all set? Along with that I have a friend who has a 55 gallon that wants and can have my pleco. Since it will be only the 3 Parrots in my 75 gallon, is it possible to get another Parrot OR maybe 3 pictus catfish OR some Corydoras? All suggestions regarding everything will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)
  2. Anthony10 Member Member

    I'm no parrot expert, but I don't think you could put another parrot in the 75g. I would try to go with a larger Cory species!

  3. eds48 Member Member

    I love cories and I will check into them. What are some of the larger species?
  4. Anthony10 Member Member

    Agazzi and Emerald are bigger, more common types of Cory cats