Blood parrots have a serious issue

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HI Guys,
So it's been almost a month the last time I posted these symptoms that one of my Blood Parrot was displaying, treated the tank with Melafix but to no avail and now the things seem to be getting worse as another one of my BPs seems to have caught it.

Both my BPs have redness/sores on their pectoral fins and nose (from the top of the head to the tip of the nose), from what ive googled up this is the closest thing I found:

This seems to suggest that it might be a bacterial infection and needs to be treated with Oxytetracycline Powder which I believe is also called Terramycyn, correct me if i'm wrong.

What do you guys think? I need help urgent.
If that's the case how do I treat the tank? none of my other fish seem to be displaying anything out of order.

Parameters: 0,0,15ppm PH:8.2 & the fish are eating fine and are active.

To help you guys out here's a little video, focus on the yellow BPs (never mind the quality):

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IMO, Melafix is worthless. the fact that you used it already kinda backs my belief up.
It sounds to me like some kind of External Parasite.
I would try Quick Cure. you can buy it from Walmart ( yeah, I know always scary in itself) I believe this to be a good product that stands up to its name. I would treat entire tank, and the cost is only like $2.58 a pack. the only thing I do different from the instructions is do at least a 5 day treatment. so once a day I treat, then next day do a 25% water change and treat again. this treatment is one drop for each gallon, so in a much larger tank like yours, I would see how many drops fills up a tsp, then figure how many tsp you need for your tank. it will make your water turn blue, no big deal, it will not hurt the fish and will clear up after a few water changes. again, the instructions will state to treat until cured ( which can happen in 48 hours). I think to many times we stop treatment to early and only slow the issue down.
ALSO, if you keep any Carbon in your filters you will want to remove them. If you have a hospital tank, I would use it as it will probably be less work and maintenance.
Hope this helps. Tom
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Thanks Tom, I'll definitely try quick cure.
Will keep you guys posted.

I just wish fish start evolving their immune system to matchup with the wild crocs, those buggers never seem to get sick
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Good morning,

So sorry to hear that your fish still are not feeling well.

I would also recommend adding Garlic Guard to the fish food to help boost the fishes immune system if you are not currently using it.

Making your own garlic juice;

"Benefits of garlic:

Purifies blood; detoxifies; lowers cholesterol levels; lowers blood pressure; blood thinner; prevents blood clots; boost immune system; prevents heart disease and strokes; destroys cancer cells; muscle relaxant; antibiotic; antifungal; suppresses growth of tumors
Using a medium size bulb; peel cloves apart, snip off ends; microwave cloves for 5 to 10 seconds to pop hulls; remove hulls; cut the length of the cloves in thin slices; place in cup of hot (from tap) water; cover, and let sit at room temperature for 12 hrs; mash the cloves and strain for immediate use; refrigerate until needed. good for two to three weeks.
The longer the cloves soak, the stronger the solution."

The information above comes from the link below:

Garlic juice from minced garlic in a jar:

Storing fresh Garlic:

Too, I would recommend adding Vita Chem for additional vitamins:

I use both, Garlic Guard and Vita Chem twice a week on my fishes treats.

Best wishes for a full recovery. Please keep us posted. I've never come across this issue with my fish.

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After having treated the entire tank with Pimafix & Melafix nothing happened, daily water changes nothing happened, garlic treatment nothing happened and the list goes on and on. It spread to my other tank as well, so it must have been something to do with either the food or the water source, the only thing common.

What I did do was to take my father's advice (he was an avid fish keeper back in the days ) and stopped feeding the sun dried shrimps to my fish, according to him the sun drying process generally causes the shrimp to rot a little before completely drying out and may be infected with something being exposed to the all sorts of external/environmental factors.

The situation seems to be sorting itself out now,
The red marks/bruising has started to reside, one of my BP's has completely cured and the other one still shows redness on its pectoral fins however the face no longer has it and is slowly disappearing.
The same with the other tank with my green terror baby slowly getting better.

Sigh of relief!
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Good morning Saqib

I'm glad to hear you are seeing signs of improvement!


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