Blood Parrot Stocking

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    Hey guys looking for some stocking info for my 55 gallon. I had 3 blood parrots who did extremly well together. My oldest was about 4 years old my middle one was 2 and my youngest one was about a year old. Recently i had a random ich outbreak that killed them all accept for my youngest. Im still waiting to make sure theres no more ich in the tank but ive been debating on what to do with the stocking.My 3 parrots got along pretty well with the largest being the most agressive but nothing terrible where i didnt want them together.I was wonder if i should just get 2 more to go back to the way i had it or try something different. I deff want 1 more parrot but I really like the looks of JDs and Green Terrors but im thinking that may or may not be too much to have 1 of them and 2 parrots. I also thought maybe 2 parrots and a convict but i had one years ago that was extremly agreesive but it was in a 29 gallon. Any suggestions on what i should do?
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    The general rule for blood parrots is 1 per 55 gallon tank and add 10 gallons for each additional parrot. I'm planning a 75 gallon myself with 2 blood parrots and a rotkiel severum. The biggest problem with a 55 is the depth only being 12 inches. I've been told by people that tried it that multiple parrots in a 55 a lot of times won't work long term. They do take a long time to get their full size so in the beginning it should be fine. After that they may need an upgrade.

    As far as other cichlids go, I plan on putting a severum (gets too big for a 55 I think) and a sajica. Sajica's are closely related to convicts but are much more peaceful. Unless you are breeding them. Another suggestion would be a pair of dwarf cichlids or a rainbow cichlid. All would be peaceful and probably get along well with the parrot. I wouldn't do a green terror. A JD might...just might work if you get a nice one. Definitely not a pair. I'd try a female.

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    i have a sevrum in my 60 gallon so i dont think i want another one. its definitely a peaceful fish for its size tho. Hes in there with a firemouth and an electric blue acara.
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    Oh just read you want to do another parrot. In that case I'd probably do 2 parrots and a pair of dwarf cichlids.
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    Would you consider keyholes as a dwarf?
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    I agree with tyguy's stocking suggestions.

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