Blood Parrot have fish bladder?


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hey everyone so recently I noticed my blood parrot will float to the top of the water rear tail fin near the top and head going down. He also will snap out of it sometimes and swim normally so I'm unsure what I should do. Any help/ideas on how I should go about this?

Side note: my lady had gotten rid of some Rio Tetras that were in this tank same water and filters that had parasites and she unknowingly picked up this parrot fish and placed him in the water, I was worried about him getting anything so I was told to dose with General Cure which I did and did the water change, that parasite ended up killing a few of our tetras then left us with 3 and then two died due to stress of which im assuming not being in a big group anymore. Which left us with one which was extremely stressed out so I knew I had to give him away. Which is when she picked up the parrot and put him in the tank that they were in.

The 3 tetras that were left in the tank prior were cured.


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