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    Reasently I had a 3 platys and a dalmation molly died of bloating i put paresite gaurd and i am not sure when i have enough space in my tank to get those fish again.
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    Good morning,

    So hate to hear about your fish loss. I know it isn't easy.

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    You have "No" in the field concerning the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle <---Link, which is crucial to fish keeping. Another link to the Nitrogen Cycle below:

    It sounds like your fish may have suffered from Ammonia Poisoning due to being in an aquarium that isn't cycled but I can't say for certain. More information from you (your Profile) will help.

    Thanks! Happy Holidays! candycane2.gif

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    Thank you ken. After All the bloating I bought a Aqueon filter instead of my old Top fin. So far it has been working great except that the filter cartridges are very expencive. After all Fish tanks is an expencive hobby. I clean my tank every 3-4 weeks with sucking 1-3 of the water. I use Stress Zyme and Stress coat , and Water condistioner. (Sorry for the spelling) Do you think it is safe dor me to get those fish again when i have space in my tank?

    Thank you! and Happy Holidays

    Where i bought the filters I got rippedoff For 12 filters it was like 50 $$ is that the right price?
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    You shouldn't have to change the filter media until it is falling apart, for most of your beneficial bacteria that transfers ammonia & nitrite to nitrate grows on it. Thus, you are starting the process of cycling your tank all over again, causing your fish to suffer in the process.

    Now that you have filled out your profile info, I see the root of your problem. None of your stock but the glow tetras or gourami can be kept in a ten gallon. To make things worse, your tank cannot possibly cycle due to the overwhelming bioload your fish produce. Also, half of your fish need to be kept in schools of 6+.

    Here are all the reasons you should consider rehoming most of your fish:
    -BN plecos are high waste producers, and grow to a length of 6 inches. 30 gallon minimum.
    -Glo Fish (genetically modified zebra danio), need to be in a school of 6+, and are extremely active swimmers. 20 gallon minimum.
    -Kissing fish become very aggressive near maturity, and I believe they grow to 6+ inches. 40 gallon minimum.
    -Tiger barbs should be kept in schools of 6+, and are mischievous little devils, bothering most other inhabitants as much as possible. I recommend a species-only tank; 25 gallon minimum.

    Now, if you were to successfully rehome the above stock, you could up the number of glo tetras to 6-8, and possibly keep the gourami. What kind is it?
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    I am not sure what type it is but it out grown my tank. I an trying to get i bigger tankbut i don't have space . Do you have any websites that sell cheep AQUEON filters i got a 12 pack for 50 $ . Where i get my fish the guy says my tank is good but i am not sure if i should belive the guy that owns the place. I go to Elys In new Jersey It is a great place with tons of fish./Users/test/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2012/Dec 10, 2012/IMG_0686.JPG thats my kissy fish andhere my pleco
    /Users/test/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Dec 15, 2012/IMG_0725.JPG
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    Good morning,

    If it's within your means, you may want to consider switching to an Aqua Clear 20 type filter. These are great Hang On Back (HOB) type filters and they use sponges and bio max and no need for filter cartridges. Much cheaper on you in the long run.

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    Thank you and can you tell me what type of pleco and kissy fish it is because i know there are different types
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    It looks like a male Bristle Nose Pleco:

    Hopefully someone will know the type of Kissing Fish you have. Check out the links below:


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    Thank you for all your help Happy Holidays