Bloated Platy?

  1. Zoara42 Member Member


    Does my platy look bloated to you? A couple days ago, I noticed he was having a hard time staying in place without actually swimming. The second his fins would stop, he'd start to float almost vertically. But then he'd start swimming and he'd be fine. This morning, I noticed he looked very fat (worse than my pregnant platy).

    Does it sound like he's bloated? I have him in a separate container floating in his tank, since I don't have a quarantine tank. (I promise I'm getting one this weekend.)

    I was planning on fasting him for a couple of days then to feed him a shelled pea and hope for the best.

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    I am not good with sexing fish but are you sure he is a he? I know that they are livebearers.
  3. Zoara42 Member Member

    I'm fairly certain it's a he. He has the pointed anal fin. And I know my other Platy who is pregnant didn't grow this quickly.

    But other than not being able to stay still, he's still acting completely normal. He's kind of a bully of the tank, and up until I separated him, he was still chasing around the other Platys and doing his thing.
  4. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Okay in that case I would fast him and try the deshelled pea plan. He could be developing swim bladder too.
  5. Zoara42 Member Member

    Thank you!

    If he's developing a swim bladder issue, what should I watch for?
  6. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    If he starts to only be able to swim vertically, and has issues swimming normally with fins going.