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Hello all, I recently added 3 male mollies to my 30 gallon brackish tank around a few weeks ago and they seem to be doing well except for two who look like they're bloated. To lay out some information, their diet consists of fish flakes and bits of algae wafers(feed flakes one day, algae wafers the next, etc.). I occasionally drop in a piece of cucumber(which they don't really eat), and as a treat, I give them bloodworms(around every 2 weeks). I have to mention that I also have fiddler crabs in the tank, which I feed crab cuisine pellets. Sometimes the mollies tend to pick at the crabs' food and eat it(I try my best to target feed the crabs). The one other molly does not have signs of bloating and the two bloated ones don't seem to be in any discomfort. I'm not sure if they could be constipated or if they have a parasite but their poop seems to be normal. Any help is much appreciated. I will attach photos.


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They're just wellfed...
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