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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Ioana Sundius, May 28, 2018.

  1. Ioana SundiusNew MemberMember

    I've been trying to keep my guppies alive... first one died right after coming home from the store, then my tank exploded at a seam and I was only able to save two. These two were happy for a few months (about 6), until one showed signs of stress, and translucent poop. Before I could react, he was gone. Now left with one, he seemed really lonely. I brought home 3 more guppies for company. All was well for a few weeks, until now -- I'm looking at the blue one from the original group, and he seems extremely bloated. I'm not sure what to do?

    I am attaching a picture to give you guys an idea.

    Before the guppies, I had two beautiful goldfish. One passed away rather quickly, with some some intestinal disease, the other one was fine until I added a second filter to the tank, using the same hardware that had been in the sick tank with the dying goldfish. I had been leaving it out dry for a few months, ran it in a bleach solution, left it out for a while longer -- as soon as it was there, my second fish got sick and died.

    Could this be something that is still in my tank? What do I do, in this case?

    Water parameters are stable, with no Nitrates, no Nitrites and low Nitrates. temperature is at 78 F and Ph is at 7.6. There seems to be plenty ocigen -- both filters waterfalls, and an air stone. Undergravel filter + a Marineland biowheel filter. Some plants (both silk and real), 2 moss balls, a few sakura red shrimps and 3 nerites in my tank.

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  2. Duardo

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    Well first piece of advice is to quarantine your fish.
    2nd the bloating can be constipation, try the pea treatment and fast him for a little and see if that helps.
    3rd I hope you rinsed that bleached filter before putting it back in the tank, if not then that proabably killed your fish. Dont use bleach and soaps to clean your filters. Either just use hot water or replace the cartridges and the carbon.
    Also what company did you buy these fish from?
    Did any other fish also have bloating?
  3. OP

    Ioana SundiusNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply. I certainly rinsed and ran the filter with plain water for another few hours. New carbon filter, but same biowheel. The biowheel was not bleached, just rinsed with hot water and held dry for a few months. That's what I worry about.

    This is the single fish I saw with bloating. The blue fish came from PetSmart, the new red and yellow ones from Petco. But I have a guppy die after pooping translucent poop, and I understand that is a sign for a parasite infestation. The guppies also had that kind of poop before they died.

    I have what I need to set up a sick tank, but hesitate, for fear of stressing him more. If he's bloated because of constipation, I think I can feed all 3 peas without a big side effect. If he has intestinal parasites, should I not treat all three?

    I have a bottle of PraziPro, which I bought too late to save my second goldfish. Should I go ahead and use it? (Will it be ok with my shrimp and nerites?)
  4. OP

    Ioana SundiusNew MemberMember

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