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    Hello , my fishes are bloating because my roomate overfed then when I was out of town. Now the plants are turning brown and the algae has stArted to grow . I have 6 jewel tetra and six of zebra stripes kind. The Jewel tetra are doing fine but zebra ones are not doing so well. One of them dime from over feeding and the rest of them are now bloated , their stomachs swollen up , and I can see red spots under their belly and I am not sure if that is a sign of bleeding internally or not . Please help I do not want to lose anymore fishes and should I continue to feed them the right amount of food or discontinue to feed then fir a day or two or do I feed them the right amount they my roomate did not and cut that amount in half . So normally I give small pinch may be give half a pinch ? What can I do to help them . The maintenance crew from the pet store will be here later in the afternoon to clean the tank but in the mesnwhIle I do not my fishes to die anymore :( please help
    Thank you
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    Stop feeding for 2 days, it won't hurt them at all. Do a 50% water change, I suspect your water parameters might be off after the over feeding, which could be causing them to act lethargic and die off. The algae issue might also be because of the bad water quality. You have other people doing maintenance on the tank? Make sure you let them know what's going on with the fish.

    Can you ask the crew to test your water for nitrites, nitrates, ammonia etc? What tank size is it? The red spots under their belly might be of concern, so can you try getting a good pic or 2 the red spots?
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    It's hard to say whether your fish have the red spots because of bad water conditions or because of the over feeding, can you post pictures? Let your fish fast for 2 days, do not feed them until you notice the bloating has gone down. When my betta gets bloated, I crack open a sweet pea, break up the insides, and feed him that, but I'm not sure if that would work with your fish type. Definitely do a %50 water change, if not a little more. What is your water testing like?
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    Demeter thank you for the fast response I am going to rundown the street to them and have them test my water today as far as the water testing I did it last week worth the pet shop and they said everything was perfect. I will certainly make sure the I tell maintenance person know what is going on . Also the tank team said that it is normal that plants are dying because it is suppose to to create a water that fish need and the good germs come from plants decomposing. But to me the plants just do not look good at all . They also recommend 50 percent water change but I will let them do that today . I am a new beginner here and my heart just bruise to see the fishes bloated like that. Also I do not know if I expose the tank to too much like . I am trying to mimic the natural day night time but keeping the vertical blinds open at five am ( I also feed them this time )when I leave for for school and then I close them at nine pm when I go to bed . So I do not know if I expose the plants and the fishes to too much sun light in one day .

    BReefer97 thank you for lighting response , I will not feed them for two days . My questions to you are what kind of sweet pea do I need ? The fresh one or the dried ones in the can unsalted, the froozen peas thaw and clean crush or puréed? Since they are so small will they be able to nibble or eat the sweet pea? The cleaning crew will test the water today below is the picture of the red spot I took . They moved so fast . Also have you guys own a jewel tetra before . Compare to the zebra ones I do not know why they eat less amount off food and they are still doing well. I am so sorry long message everyone . You guys rock please keep on rocking
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    Easy fix, works every time... :)
    Don't feed for 1-2 days
    Do a small water change
    Boil a pea and break it open, feeding the fish the inside part.
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    Hello! Wanted to suggest something to help you algae out a bit. Found this pretty nice article after some research, though I'd say save the chems for last and not replace the filter as often as they say. :>
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    Just feed them one or two plain sweet pees that come in a can in WATER. No salt added. Pees have a shell, break it open and scoop the soft inside out. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE OUTSIDE SKIN PART - If we can't fully digest the shell of a pee or corn, I doubt a fish can. Make sure you have your fishes attention because the squishy insides of a pee sink and spread out fairly quickly. Just feed them a tiny little bit.

    Oh and as for the amount your fish eat - it all honestly just depends on how much the fish decides it wants or needs to eat. If they're eating regularly, nothing should be an issue there
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    Thank you the RachelLovesFish I gave them two peas and broke them open and gave them the inside part :) water change was done buy the maintenance guy yesterday :)


    BReefer97 sorry the late reply I was running some errands yesterday . Here are some update , the maintanece crew came in and he said the water condition is fine . But he said if I want to keep a life plants I need a stronger light or more sun. But I really do not understand. I leave the vertical blinds open at all time to let the sunlight in . He suggested to keep the blind open 24 hours a day and if the plants are still dying he highly recommend that I go for fake plants instead. Now back to the zebra Dinos' condition I fast them for two day now and today I just gave them the inside of two sweet pea crushed up. The swollen has gone down tiny bit . My question to you are do I keep feeding them the inside of the peas everyday until the swollen Has completely gown down in all of them? Then switch back to normal food? Can the normal food be completely replace by sweet peas from now on to prevent bloating ? How do I know if the zebra Dino have enough peas to eat? You are right I need to have their attention the Jewel tetras got to the peas fast it took zebra Dinos a while to notice and start nibling at the peas

    Thank you again everyone :)
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