Bloated Betta

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    First of all: This is not my fish. Someone in a group I admin is having this issue, and I’m posting here both to help them out and because I’m really curious about it.

    The fish in question has had issues with bloating off and on since being purchased, but fasting always took care of it. Two days ago the fish became bloated, was fasted, and continued to get bigger. However one side of the fish became bigger than the other. She also said the bigger side pineconed. The belly was very distended and pushed/stretched the scales apart. Epsom salt baths have helped it to go down so it is not quite so bad, just looks like he ate quite a large meal now, and the pineconing went away.

    Any thoughts on the cause or how to prevent it? Someone suggested it might internal parasites.

    I will post pics if I get permission from the fish’s owner
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    Before (first 3) and after (last 2) Epsom salt baths. The left side of the fish being the bigger side

    (Posted with permission of the fish’s owner)