1. zechocolate Member Member

    My largest Polypterus Senegalus (possibly largest because it is female?) is bloated ,floating at the top of the tank, and releasing air from its rear end. Is my fish bloated and dying, pregnant, or does it just have bad gas???? Help please

    Please Respond So I Can Address The Issue Before It Is Too Late!!

    I'm somewhat upset waking up to 24 views and no replies!!!!!!! Come on fishlore.

    Very disappointed with the FL community at the moment! I would really appreciate some concern for my issue!!!! Arg fish is still bloated and releasing gas / floating at the surface. Treated with melafix..someone help lol
  2. toosie Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately it would appear as though anybody that may be able to help you with this problem have not been on the forum since you first posted and so haven't had the opportunity to see your problem yet and help you with your issue. I will try to help you determine what it is but I offer no guarantees.

    When you look at the fish from directly above it, does it look like the scales are standing out away from the body kind of like a pine cone?

    Does the fish attempt to swim downwards and then pop back up to the surface?

    Has it passed any stool? If so, what color is it, and what does the stool look like in general?

    Are there any other symptoms such as bulging eyes, discolorations, clamped fins, etc.?

    Is it still eating?

    The answers to these questions will help to rule out some possibilities and hopefully help us to narrow down what the actual problem might be.

  3. zechocolate Member Member

    1scales don't appear to be buldhing, I even stroked the fish to feel for bumps;nothing. 2yes, He was struggling a lot at first, releasing gas from his anus as he swam down, but i just saw him ease his way down to the bottom, i believe it's becoming easier as he lets off gas..3no evident stool yet, i saw some clear goopy stuff fall out but apart from that it looks like he has a poo rock stuck in his hole..4he's a bit buldged around his gut along to his anus, a bit of reddening around his anus..5 ihavent seen him eat at all, even tried to hand feed him a pea i put it in his mouth and he spit it out
  4. toosie Well Known Member Member

    Ok, it doesn't sound like he has dropsy so that's a good thing. Because of the gas he is passing it is probably a blockage. If you could place him in a quarantine tank, you might be able to try adding some epsom salts to his water. It may help reduce any swelling and it can act as a bit of a laxitive. I'd try using about a level teaspoon of epsom salts per 10 gallons of aquarium water and see what that does for him. Dissolve the epsom salts before adding it to his quarantine tank.

    I wish him well and hopefully this will help.

  5. zechocolate Member Member

    I no longer have my 20g quarantine tank running, possibly a very foolish mistake on my part..I've been treating my 125 with melafix and some salt, not too much though, as I have read that too much salt is bad for these fish.I hope he just has some blockage, thank you so much! I'll update you on his status
  6. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Best wishes for your fish Zechocolate!

  7. zechocolate Member Member

    Thanks a lot! He's stoll floating at the surface with the rock in his bum but it appears to be easing off..saw more of the goody clear stuff as well, I handled it around to make sure it isn't parasitic..looks like we're clear from that

  8. zechocolate Member Member

    One question...this may come off as a bit foolish, but I was wondering if it would be possible for me to remove my fish from the water and attempt to loosen his load with a tweezer? These fish are known to be able to survive out of water indefinitely as long as they are moist, I bare handle a lot of fish, I doubt it will bother him but I am unsure about gripping his turd with a tweezer.. Any thoughts?
  9. toosie Well Known Member Member

    I'm really not sure what to say to that. I really don't have any good advice on how to dislodge it or how much harm might be done if you do try.

    Good luck if you do try it.
  10. zechocolate Member Member

    Well if it doesn't sound like a good idea I'd rather be safe than sorry ..I'll let it ride out another day before operating lol

  11. toosie Well Known Member Member

    Do you know any vets that may be willing to have a quick look? I know most don't have much to do with fish, but if it is a stone, they may be willing to try to remove it for you. The problem with leaving it is it may be too large to pass through the anus and infections may set in. Removing it yourself could cause the anus to tear and possibly cause some internal damage.

    See if you can talk nice to a vet and have them at least take a look.
  12. zechocolate Member Member

    I've never heard of any vets around my area dealing with fish...I'll look into it but I doubt I'll find any results. I realize that it may not fit through the anus and that's why I'm so worried about dealing with it myself, it may be possible to just take a crack at the portion of waste that is visible.
  13. zechocolate Member Member

    Well I took the fish out and plopped it in a quarantine cooler for a few minutes to have a closer looks like there is some more
    reddening from the abdominal to the anus...BUT I did not operate! I gave him a nice little rub down and returned Him back into the tank. He isn't floating and bloating as much, less and less with every release of gas, now his back end is floating and his front is under..I have seen this position before in one of my young senegalus in my other tank who is now swimming normally, hopefully this big guy has the same results.
  14. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    google some pictures of prolapsed rectum/intestines to see if any of those might be whats going on....I hope it gets better soon :(
  15. zechocolate Member Member

    Yeeeeeeeep that's what it appears to be..almost threw up, google decided to show me human prolapses even though I typed fish haha, now I have to figure out how to help my buddy! Has this issue been known to kill?
  16. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    unfortunately, ive not heard of many fish surviving that...:( maybe other members have...goodluck and ewww on the human pics
  17. zechocolate Member Member

    Bleh :( my buddy is still floating high up, now mounted on the filter output :/ Gonna keep trying to feed him peas and change the water
  18. zechocolate Member Member

    I see more of a visible mass
    Coming from his bum. It looks like a little brownish red stick with a nasty little chunky greenish yellow mass
    Around it...kinda looks like a crayfish or shrimp after being digested...can't
    Be sure but the redness of my fishes abdominal area is gone
  19. zechocolate Member Member

    I believe the problem was horrible indigestion, i fed my boys crickets, pellets, shrimp and crayfish all within the same week
  20. zechocolate Member Member

    He's still floating at the surface, my arowana seems to be protecting him..breathing is steady paced, but I still haven't seen him eat(nocturnal feeder so I'm truly unsure) Also I do not see any more visible blockage.... Anyone know why the floating? s this an after effect of being ill?

    EDIT:: he's back at the bottom!! He seems to be stabilizing. I'm going to feed him tonight.. Only small food for this fat mess from now on.