Bleeding Heart tetra is a little terror


So long story short, I purchased 5 bleeding heart tetras a month(?) ago and 4 of them died in quarantine. So I’m left with one who I moved to the main tank since he was no longer ill, and he is a little bully. His name is Uno (credit to my mom) and he harasses my angels that are 6 times his size at least. I mean if he even comes in their general vicinity they swim in fear. It appears that he’s taken a chunk out of their dorsal fins as well.

So obviously the issue is that he is a schooling fish and he’s not in a school, but I’m really weary about getting any more because they were so sick last time I got them. So does anybody have any suggestions for me? Because I basically blew $40 on those fish just for them to die and I really don’t want that to happen again, but I also don’t want my angels to be terrorized any longer and poor Uno is clearly not living his best life. I of course could bring him back to the LFS but not only is that losing more money but I’m afraid he will end up disease ridden again.


Maybe get more from a different LFS. Or donate him to a different LFS if you've decided against that species. I tend to avoid any LFS that has previously sold me diseased fish.


If your concern is based off of money and disease, I would give him back to the store. You're not losing "more" money if you bring him back, you're just losing the potential he had to be a good fish for your tank - whereas if you buy more, you're definitely spending more money. If you introduce another school, he might just end up disease ridden that way too, and then it's not just him affected, but your angels as well. In the time it takes to properly quarantine your new school, your poor angels would be ragged, and you might still end up with a whole bunch of expensive dead fish and one aggressive tetra.

I had to bring back a single terrorist tetra once (it attacked and killed the rest of its school). I don't regret giving it back. It opened up my tank for nicer fish and it was one less thing to try to plan stocking around.


I feel your pain, Lol. It does hurt financially occassionally in this hobby.
Maybe buy from another store. Be sure to carefully observe the next group of Bleeding Hearts, even have the employee feed the BH's to ensure they are eating.
Be sure to advise the other LFS about the sick BH's.

Frank the Fish guy

You could try a private breeder instead:

These private breeders have good stock and see where he says that he has treated them for parasites before shipping. It costs a bit more, but the quality is high. If the fish are sick, they would refund you.
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I may have overstated Uno’s behavior. Lol. He’s mean but he hasn’t seriously hurt anybody and he mostly just chases everyone. I’m also not sure if he but the angels or they but each other so, Uno’s not a lost cause

Unfortunately the nearest LFS that’s not my regular one is about 50 minutes of a drive, and I don’t have my own car so it would be a project to try and go to another one. I really do like the species though, and my regular LFS is pretty great. The main issue with the original BH school was ick, so maybe it was just the combined stress of the medication, travel and parasites that killed the others. I’ve grown on this species though, so I’m gonna have to give it thought.

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