Bleeding Heart Bully


hey all,

I have a 45g tank. I have 5 rummy nose 5 pristillas and 2 bleeding hearts. My one bleeding heart is chasing my smaller pristillas around especially at feeding time. He leaves the rummy noses alone. My daughter loves this fish so I’m looking for a solution to have it stop being a bully.

The fish store where I got them from were shocked at this behavior. I’m not interested in getting more bleeding hearts if they Are going to act like this... my daughter also wanted to get angels and rams so I want make sure this guy is not a problem in the future... anybody experience a bleeding heart bully? Solutions?



My bleeding hearts were never that bad but I kept them in a really large school. Usually smaller schools mean the fish are more nippy. I would return them and add more to your other two schools. I don't think a 45g you really have that much space for three separate school.

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