Bleaching all plants to get rid of several forms of Algae before rescape.


1) how long do I bleach plants while out of water?
2) what is the bleach to water ratio?
3) how long after bleaching will algae die and fall off?
4) how long and how to rinse plants before returning to tank?
5) what type of bleach to use?
6) will bleaching remove all forms of algae?
7) will it kill roots, because algae is covering anubias roots.
8) will bleach kill snail eggs from leaves of plants?

8) did I ask the right questions?
9) please add what ever I missed.

Never did this before and would not be able to handle if I kill all my plants?

Thank you for all your comments...


1) I don't follow this question
2) 19 parts water, 1 part bleach
3) Instant die off, you'll start to see the algae change color
4) I would have three containers

a) Bleach/Water container
b) dechlorinated water container (after putting plants in first container, dip plants into this container to rinse any bleach residuce)
c) dechlorinated water container (leave plants in this container until ready to use, should be the final container)

5) non scented liquid bleach
6) will not remove but kill off the algae
7) no
8) yes
9) Input- some plants can handle the bleach dip while other plants (stems, vals, and marimos, and moss) can be deadly. I would say dip them for about 30 seconds. Potassium permangate dip would be safer


Agree with PP dip being better, but be careful as potassium permanganate is very toxic and will stain clothes and furniture.


I did a search for PP and could not find any in my town.


Get some alum. It's sold in the spice aisle of the grocery store.

Using alum instead of bleach the answers to your questions would be...

1. They should soak for 4 hours or so.
2. 3 tablespoons of alum/1 gallon of water
3. Algae will begin dying within a few minutes. It turns white and can be easily rubbed off at this point.
4. After the dip allow to soak in dechlorinated water for awhile (30 minutes or so) then rinse in dechlorinated water prior to returning to a tank.
5. I use McCormick brand alum lol
6. It should but you'll be able to see for yourself.
7. No your plant roots will be fine. Submerge the entire plant in the dip including the roots.
8. Yes. Living snails will be killed essentially on contact, a few hours will kill the eggs.

I haven't had any plants react negatively to alum. Though crypts melt when they get moved around in general and some other plants might shed some leaves as a result of replanting etc.


ERICV - The plants I want to soak are, Rotala indica, anubias, Valisneria italian and baby tears. Will all these be ok.
I think I will use Alum, because for the simple fact, I cannot find pure bleach and or PP. I think I read that you said Alum is used for pickling and should be in grocery stores?


I know for sure the vals and Anubias will be as I have both of those myself and have used alum dip on them with no ill effect. I wouldn't expect any problems with the others either.

And yep it'll be right with the spices in the grocery store. Comes in a little container for about $3. One small container is plenty to make a gallon of dip.

Oh and if you run the dip through a coffee filter to remove the random crud that falls off the plants you can store he solution for reuse.


excellent I will go and check my local grocery thank you...


Here is a link for plant dips...


I found the Alum for 3.29 at my local grocer.
Is Java Moss ok to be soaked in alum?


I'm expecting to receive some horn wort from liveaquaria tomorrow. Any experience with this companies shipments with hitchiker snails? Otherwise I'll do the alum soak, if it's OK for hornwort. Thanks.


I have used the Alum before on several different plants and always had good results. Bleach on the other hand doesn't work well with anacharis and hornwort. It seems like faster growing plants like anacharis and hornwort soak up things quickly rather than just treating things on the outside surface. This is my theory on why they don't do good with bleach. Java moss does great in alum in my experience, as does hornwort, so I would stick with the Alum.


Testing 1 Anubias in alum, wish me luck...


OP, the bleach that is being talked about is the regular household bleach that you get in the grocery aisle, no perfumes though. I would stick with the alum, much safer.


3. Algae will begin dying within a few minutes. It turns white and can be easily rubbed off at this point.

Ok been over an hour and green algae still looks green, brown algae is still hard to rub off.
I used 16 cups of water with 3 tblspoons of alum...

Yes I know I have to wait 4 hours, but did I do something wrong?


Well 4 hours later and didn't see 1 ounce of difference.

Is it because I have so much algae, or did I not use enough Alum (3tbls) or need to wait maybe 8 hours instead of 4 or is it because mandatory manual labour of scrubbing each and every leaf and root seperately is a must?

Should I do the bleach instead will it make a difference? Should I use more alum? This was just a test for 1 anubias plant.


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