Bleach... It's bad, but...

I've got a questionable tank and decorations here. I want to be 100% sure that anything on this stuff is NOT going to be alive when I set up the tank.

I've cleaned everything in a bleach solution and rinsed well. I'm also letting all the items dry thoroughly to let any remaining bleach evaporate.

What I'd like to know is... Bleach is chlorine, right? If there is any residual bleach left on the tank or decoration it should be neutralized by the water conditioner, shouldn't it?
Sam Livingston
If there is any traces of bleach residue on anything it will kill everything you put in there. Clean those items very,very thoroughly and make 100% sure all bleach is off before you set it up. In future do not use bleach, it just spells trouble.
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There was a thread on this awhile back.....hmmmm thinking CoBettaCouple (could be wrong and it was someone else) said if bleach is used to double dose (over dose?) the water with a good conditioner.
yep, just put in a boatload of prime and you should be good.
cobetta reccomends 1 part bleach to 19 parts water to clean..then many many hot water rinses ppl have said, filling the tank with prime treated tap water should take care of any leftover ....what size tank is it? and what are you going to stock it with?...goodluck!
The bleach question has been running around in my mind for some time since one of my recent bought bettas ended up dieing with dropsy. I have decided to boil the rock and driftwood. I don't want to chance the drift wood absorbing any bleach only to leach out later. Throw away the substrate. Dip my life plants in a solution 1 part bleach to 20 parts water and hope they are strong enough to make it. Then clean the aquarium with the same type of bleach solution. Let the aquarium sit for 1 week like that then drain it then fill it a couple of times. Then add add a double dose of prime and let that sit for another week. I just hope that it kills all bacteria. Then set it back up and let it cycle again.
Yep the double dose of dechlorinator and letting it sit at least over night will take care of the bleach
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