Bleach for recharging Purigen


My Purigen only lasted about 6 days, so I figured I'd recharge it. to use "regular 8.25% hypochlorite household bleach (non-scented, no dyes, do not use a splash-less bleach)." Problem is any bleach I'm seeing is 7.5%; I don't see anything labeled 8.25%.

So for those who recharge Purigen, what bleach do you use? Is the 7.5% okay, or are you finding 8.25%?

While we're talking about Purigen, the final step for freshwater is to soak with a "buffer", which is salt? I'm assuming not to just use table salt - what should I use here? < nvm there, was getting confused with Nitra ZORB. Seachem mentioning a "buffer" threw me off.


I am a complete coward when it comes to using any sort of bleach with aquarium equipment, so I just bin the used 100ml bag once they are badly soiled. I use one bag of 100ml per external filter, lasts around 8-10 weeks, bin it and replace it (got about 20 new 100ml bags in the cupboard).

I know that you cna recharge it but it just seems alien to me doing that with something so toxic, even in the tiny quantities that they suggest.

So I'se not alot of help, sorry.


I usually recharge mine 3-4 times before replacing, and I used the regular 7.5% as well. I did not use a salt solution?, was I supposed to? Lol. I just soaked mine in heavy dosed prime water, rinse and repeat until I no longer smelled chlorine. I have recharged lots of times with no fish losses, and I have shrimp in the tank too, So I must have done enough rinsing.

However, the process takes a while so have a spare. I had heavy tannins from Malaysian driftwood so mine got dark pretty fast.


I have not personally used purigen but I found this old post in regards to it that may help.
They show a photo of a clorox bleach as an example.
When they say buffer though they show the examples of seachems buffering products like the neutral regulator or discus buffer. These aren't just salts.


i use regular 6% Clorox bleach, i just use a little more of it to make up the difference. if using 8.25% bleach then its a 1:1 ratio, aka 50/50. so with my 6% i use about 60% bleach/40% water, i don't actually measure, i just eyeball it. seems to work. been using the same 2 bags for almost a year, recharge about every 2 months.

i started off using the small packs, but one of them broke at the seam while i was rinsing out the filter media during my weekly water changes. So I bought a large jar of it and use my own filter media bags.

also, i don't have a chlorine tester, and twice i've had a mini cycle. so after the first Prime soak, i rinse, and do another Prime soak, just to be sure. i should probably get a chlorine test kit though...

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